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  1. FLR
  2. Sponsor statement
  3. Visit Visa Refusal - Foreign Criminal Record
  4. First post VV sponsor docs question
  5. FLR Financial requirements
  6. Is the Uk Visitor Visa multiple entry 2016
  7. After FLR (M) - Next steps?
  8. English language test, settlement visa
  9. How does having a baby change a spouse settlement visa?
  10. Visit visa and wage slips
  11. Holiday Visa... How do we know the result?
  12. First time visitor visa
  13. Thai Partner visiting the UK for a holiday 2017
  14. Settlement Visa application request for additional information
  15. ILR photo requirements
  16. spouse visa
  17. FLR bear traps
  18. First Time Visitor Visa
  19. settlement visa passport dates wrong
  20. Freedom to Marry
  21. Visa for my wife's children
  22. Is cambridge english test already passed ok for flr?
  23. what have i let myself on for??
  24. FLR - Timeline etc
  25. MFA Legalisation Turn Around Times
  26. Help please - maiden name showing above the sig strip on visa app form!
  27. Question regarding VAF4A Appendix 2
  28. I applied for my wife's Settlement Visa 2 weeks ago...
  29. Change of name after marriage
  30. Writing letter to uk embassy
  31. Passport for my wife's sons
  32. Thai national with norwegian passport
  33. FLR - combined income from me as employee and wife as self employed?
  34. Need an accountant in Mancheser/Tameside - Verify simple un-audited accounts please
  35. Sole responsibility for Child or Other Dependant Settlement UK Visa
  36. A few questions regarding the FLR application
  37. FLR/ILR for spouse with new limited company
  38. Such a Headache!
  39. Applied UK Visa, paid fee and appointment. But VFS need UKN reference number
  40. Application for Spouse visa
  41. Biometrics residence permit
  42. Sanity check on documentation required for Settlement Visas for Wife and children
  43. Apply for FLR(M) after 32 months..
  44. Wife's BRP arrived today
  45. clarification on new A2 selt requirement
  46. citizenship guidance
  47. flr(m) need to show evidence of genuine relationship?
  48. Visit visa
  49. Chanote or Tabien Baan
  50. Skype calls and proof of relationship
  51. spouse visa application
  52. Settlement Visa
  53. Settlement Visa Success
  54. Putting together FLR/M visa application
  55. A1 Test. How hard is it?
  56. B1 english expiry
  57. Settlement Visa - Question
  58. Settlement visa for Thai wife
  59. rec-curing visit visa rejection for my thai gf and what to do next?
  60. The next step.......settlement visa questions
  61. Bit of help needed re Sister in Law Visitor Visa
  62. Help with first time VV supporting Docs
  63. What to write in a supporting/sponsor letter
  64. Another FLR checklist
  65. Help with settlement visa
  66. FLR(M) Application Guidance
  67. Brick wall
  68. FLR (M) VISA APPLICATION. its time to begin
  69. Spouse visa for new Thai wife
  70. A1 test.
  71. Exchange rate vfs
  72. TB Test in UK?
  73. IELTS Test (which one)
  74. So what else can go wrong ...........
  75. Sponsorship undertaking form SU07/12
  76. How to make an appointment with VFS?
  77. Passport application when on ILR
  78. I've lost a payslip :-( Settlement Visa hell
  79. Hi i'm new here....Help with spouse visa please
  80. Settlement visa - quandary over wife's Thai birth certificate
  81. visa for my girlfriend and my daughter and her son
  82. She got it.
  83. New visa app
  84. Settlement visa question
  85. FLR (M) after 32 months..
  86. i need help ...visa application
  87. Please help regarding financial requirements of settlement visa
  88. FLR(M) - Questions
  89. FLR M when to apply
  90. 4th Visit visa
  91. Visit visa for uk allowed to travel into Europe?
  92. Time frame for spouse visa, anybody have recent experience?
  93. What's the settlement process starting from an EEA Family Permit?
  94. family visit visa
  95. House move
  96. Thank You!
  97. Thai Translation in UK?
  98. Key English Test Level B1
  99. Wife's children
  100. Settlement Visa application for Thai wife - Appendix 2 (financial requirement) query.
  101. [Reason to return] any information greatly recieved
  102. Hoiday to Thailand whilst on settlement visa
  103. VV Refusal
  104. Visa for Wifes niece advise
  105. When can my wife take the Life in the UK test?
  106. Settlement visa success
  107. ILR waiting time almost unto the 6 month guideline
  108. FLR financial requirements with combined earnings
  109. FLR worries..
  110. GF to UK
  111. Uk visa for step daughter
  112. Visa4UK Application - 1st visit visa
  113. Online Application for UK Visitors/Tourist Visa Screenshots, see it before you do it
  114. Confused about self employment.
  115. Re: Non o visa application
  116. Supreme Court ruling on minimum [£18,600] income requirement
  117. the right ILR application form
  118. How long after mariage registration to apply for Visa?
  119. Settlement Visa question before submitting
  120. VFS Global [Frustration]
  121. FLR: Six items of correspondence
  122. Some one lost my marraige certificate
  123. visitor visa
  124. Ntl application
  125. [What are the processing times for spouse visa]?
  126. Applying for uk standard visa. Have i missed anything?
  127. Ilr query
  128. Work visa for thai wife
  129. Affirmation to marry form
  130. Wife has UK residents permit, poss to apply for Schengan visa from Thailand not UK?
  131. FLR(M) check list
  132. Appendix 2 (VAF4A Dec 2013) Where do you sign?
  133. uk visa for step sons girlfriend
  134. Uk spouse visa extension
  135. Marriage Certificate
  136. What do immigration officers look for when assessing visit visa applications?
  137. Translating Marriage Certificate for Settlement Visa
  138. Fees 2018
  139. UK Spouse/Settlement Visa & Registering of Marriage
  140. New method to apply for a Settlement Visa
  141. FLR - Visa Application
  142. UK tourist visa application - security of documents
  143. thai passport renewal
  144. Settlement Visa Financial requirements, a couple of questions.
  145. Spouse Visa/BRP issue FLR(m) application
  146. UK settlement visa can my spouse travel to the EU without any further visas?
  147. Settlement visa - accommodation question
  148. Visa4uk
  149. flr m spouse visa extension
  150. spouse visa
  151. Made redundant but want to do settlement visa
  152. Bank Statements - Pay Slips
  153. Certified copy of House deeds
  154. FLR How many pay slips /bank statements?
  155. Visa to UK
  156. Dependent children, FLR
  157. FLRm - P60 required?
  158. email charge
  159. ILR Options - Job offer abroad.
  160. NHS SURCHARGE FEE and Visa4UK application
  161. UK visit visa refused for 2nd time but different reason
  162. confused over visa
  163. Settlement Visa posts June 2017. A new thread, please join.
  164. Visit Visa Appointment
  165. ILR waiting times
  166. Supporting evidence list for my wifes settlement visa.
  167. Future wife's mother
  168. Wifes bank statements
  169. cost [of Settlement Visa Fees]
  170. Premium appointment for NTL help
  171. is my alternative bank account suitable??
  172. new regulations from 1st June
  173. FLR (M)
  174. Help on applying for a 6 month visa
  175. FLR (M) questions..
  176. Applying for a holiday visa
  177. ILR Costs 2017 for wife and her daughter...
  178. Another FLR (M) question...
  179. abbriviations
  180. Settlement visa problems
  181. FLR question
  182. Wife's ILR and Step Daughters next visa Query's
  183. MPs See Opportunity for Reform of Harsh Family Migration Rules
  184. How long out of UK on a settlement visa
  185. Joint Income on FLR
  186. Settlement Visa for Thai Wife and Stepdaughter
  187. Second refusal on visit visa
  188. Settlement visa timeline submitted on 26/04/2017
  189. Have a daughter in Thailand wants to live with me
  190. Indefinite Leave to Remain - ILR HELP
  191. Financial requirement - self employed.... Urgent advice please
  192. Minimum Income Requirement
  193. Travelling on FLR(fp) Visa
  194. Booking biometrics bangkok
  195. I've made a major cock-up :-(
  196. Is this lady legal?
  197. Supporting Letters
  198. Visa Fees/Hidden Fees
  199. Please help with info regarding financial requirement
  200. Spouse Visas: What Documentation and Criteria is Needed?
  201. Printing E-Mails for Relationship Evidence
  202. NHS Surcharge [when to pay?]
  203. Holiday Visa for Wife's daughter
  204. uk Tiurist Visa info
  205. Family visa question
  206. only fools and horses actor having visa problem for Thai wife
  207. When to apply ILR 5 year route
  208. Settlement visa- additional infomation
  209. Settlement Visa 93 working days and counting!
  210. Confused if on the correct Visa route ILR or FLR
  211. What if no English A2 at FLR{M}?
  212. Visit Visa Refusal Help Please
  213. Settlement Visa documents sent to Sheffield.
  214. Visit Visa to UK for her Thai Parents.
  215. Lost in all this visa stuff
  216. Potentially complicated visit visa applic
  217. Employment letters
  218. Leave to enter/ leave to remain?
  219. Spouse Visa Extension Questions
  220. Bank statements??
  221. Link to a THAI web site which explains UK visitor visa requirements.
  222. Spouse Visa vs Settlement Visa
  223. FLR English requirement
  224. Visitor Visa help needed please
  225. english test centres
  226. Work permit in Thailand
  227. Life in the UK test 2018
  228. how can someone in Thailand just come to England for a holiday ( not girlfriend)
  229. Visit visa, potential problem?
  230. Contact number/email
  231. Settlement visa bank statements. 6 months for every account???
  232. My wife lost her brp card
  233. FLR marriage documents
  234. Spouse now in UK, documents with proof of address.
  235. English b1
  236. Visa ready text message
  237. Nearly there! -FLR (M) final questions
  238. Is there a time frame between getting a settlement visa and arrival in Uk.
  239. Need advice for Visitor Visa application please
  240. FLM question
  241. ILR
  242. Off topic visa question [Prince Harry & Meghan Markle]
  243. Richard
  244. FLR copies
  245. FLR-M Signature Thai or English?
  246. Name Change Certificate for FLR(M)
  247. FLR(M) -Children and Evidence of active role.
  248. flr(m) question 8.4...what do you put for award reference number?
  249. Here i go again!
  250. wife's employment details for flr(m)