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  1. Second FLR M extension
  2. FLR(M) Thai father question
  3. VAF4A will not open in Adobe.
  4. Settlement visa. How many photos is too many?
  5. FLR(M) question 9,4 biometrics
  6. Online Pay Slip Letter
  7. FLR question section 14 home office checks
  8. ILR - absences from the UK??
  9. NHS charge procedure for FLR(M) thinks to look out for?
  10. Online Bank Statements
  11. Spouse visa delays
  12. FLR(M) documents & copies?
  13. FLR(M) question 2.3 under which catorgory are you applying for leave?
  14. UK Visitors Visa
  15. FLR(M) are online bank statements excepted?
  16. FLR
  17. ILR link?
  18. Next steps
  19. FLR(M) proof of 2 address
  20. Conundrum
  21. Settlement Visa for Wife and Step Daughter
  22. BRP Delivery
  23. Wife’s settlement visa trip to Republic of Ireland
  24. How long do you intend to stay? Settlement visa question???
  25. VAF4A Guide to Questions, Help!
  26. biometrics submission
  27. Appendix 2 Form VAF4A question.
  28. thai wife visits England with me
  29. World news story: UK Visa & Immigration to relocate Visa Application Centres from Ban
  30. Submitting VAF4A and appointment time frame.
  31. Payment methods for settlement visa
  32. HELP URGENT Settlement visa submitted name wrong.
  33. Newbie with a few questions about a settlement Visa...
  34. Which Sheffield address for sponsor documents.
  35. Settlement visa timeline
  36. No more scanning at VFS Global Bangkok for Settlement Visa
  37. FLR(M) Sucess feedback
  38. Press release: British Embassy Bangkok moves to a new home for the 21st century
  39. Potential Visa - Help!
  40. Settlement visa
  41. Increase in NHS Surcharge
  42. eu national
  43. Visit Visa Questions
  44. Refused visit visas
  45. Help with new method of visa submission - scanning with barcode separators
  46. B1 English Test - Speaking and Listening - Newcastle?
  47. FLR (M) - few queries
  48. basics about the 5 year route FLM
  49. Does the UK sponsor need to stay in the same job they used as income evidence on app?
  50. Press release: Department of Land Transport in partnership with British Embassy Bangk
  51. Children’s settlements visas
  52. Thai girlfriend is pregnant but has a 10 year ban
  53. UK ILR Visa application refused
  54. Visit visa paperwork
  55. Settlement Visa Process - Latest Requirements
  56. Please help [Visit Visa Refusal]
  57. Visitor Visa granted with help from these forums
  58. Re: Bringing stepson to visit uk
  59. VISIT VISA Application process and required documents
  60. [Which visa does my future wife need?] Information urgently sought
  61. Girlfriends first time visit visa doing online
  62. Step children in England today
  63. How to send documents
  64. Mothers information on application
  65. Thai girlfriend wanting to relocate to UK
  66. Looking for reassurance! ????
  67. Uk visa
  68. Total confusion over Settlement Visa
  69. FLR M Completed and sent off
  70. Flr (m) - online?
  71. 2.5 year route visa requierments - second visa
  72. Online visa application
  73. New visa application online seems to be off beta
  74. Settlement visa time frame. How long?
  75. Meeting the 5 year route to settlement as a Partner or Parent
  76. FLR(M) decision letter query
  77. "Settlement - Wife' Visa - visa cost £1,523 - fee charged $2254.00 = +£95!!
  78. The processed visa is ready for collection...
  79. Successful Settlement Visa Application April 2018
  80. Help please... Which agency would you recommend for a fiance visa?
  81. Planned Travel Date-settlement visa
  82. Any Directors of Ltd Companies completed Part 3C of Appendix 2 Finantial Reqs Form?
  83. Issuing authority for Visit Visa?
  84. Maiden name or married name on SV?
  85. Maxium stay on a VV
  86. Settlement. Things to do upon arrival...
  87. Appendix 2, financial requirements questions
  88. Item of correspondence to prove living together
  89. Heads up on VFS Global Premium Lounge service, and DHL Courier costs from Thailand
  90. A few question regarding sponsorship please help !!!
  91. Paying for settlement visa
  92. Thai girlfriend first visitor visa refused due to bad advice
  93. HRO on compassionate grounds??????
  94. FLR visa
  95. Potential UK VISA future digital process
  96. UK settlement - priority service
  97. Settlement Visa Questions
  98. A few child settlement visa questions
  99. ILR
  100. IELTS life skills test - Help for Thai speakers
  101. First visit visa application
  102. Settlement visa error
  103. UK spouse settlement visa Q's
  104. Uk 2 year tourist visa application
  105. FLR visa Decree of absolute
  106. FLR visa
  107. SV - Family Details - Spouse/Partner
  108. Quick question
  109. IDP - life skills test
  110. first visit visa question
  111. UK spouse visa supporting letter - 1st draft
  112. a question regarding sending money to my wife
  113. Criminal Record
  114. 5 year Visit visa new passport
  115. Have your say about Home Office charging and services
  116. Document translations Bangkok
  117. UK Visa online application question
  118. Few changes to circumstances , is FLR M the right way to go ?
  119. visit visa introductory letter
  120. visit visa application and Reasons for visit
  121. problems booking visa appointment on the GOV.UK website
  122. stevie
  123. World news story: British Embassy Bangkok hosts seminar on illegal wildlife trade
  124. Travel insurance for Gf visiting GB from Laos
  125. Confususion with spouse application
  126. Biometric Residence Permit card and no Passport Visa Sticker.
  127. FLR - 2 year or 5 year route
  128. Uk online visa application - document processing location
  129. FLR(M) duplicate biometrics or lost papers?
  130. Online Flr application form
  131. UK visa
  132. when to apply for a visa
  133. Looking for some quick help!
  134. ILR - Timescales
  135. FLR -M visa application
  136. ILR and the 5 year residency period
  137. FLR visa
  138. Appendix 2 filling
  139. Settlement visa - wage slips confusion
  140. Happy news
  141. FLR / restarting with settlement visa?
  142. Holiday visa
  143. Booking an appointment for spouse visa
  144. uk spouse visa - application form q's
  145. Having visa documents returned
  146. Is it possible?
  147. Study visa or Visit visa
  148. Supporting documents / Barcode Separators
  149. Settlement Visa
  150. FLR - When to apply
  151. Already have ILR
  152. Missing IHS
  153. Contract of employment needed for SV?
  154. FLR application for wife and daughter refused
  155. FLR (M) Application : Online and/or Postal.
  156. When to pay the NHS surcharge for SV?
  157. Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements
  158. Help. Visa decision delayed - Next Steps
  159. Which Visa should I go for?
  160. VISA fees increase Oct 2018
  161. Current waiting times for Spouse visa
  162. FLR when to apply
  163. What visa next
  164. Wife son wanting to come on tourist visa
  165. Which FLR application do I need
  166. FLR (M) Application for Wife and a Child Dependent who is now over 18 Years of Age.
  167. 2 year (visit?) visa
  168. not logged in to Visa4UK for 2 weeks, appication in-active
  169. Original TB test cert needed for SV Appointment?
  170. Premium Service Centres
  171. visa on benefits
  172. British Embassy Bangkok to stop Certification of Income Letters
  173. Increase to Immigration Health Surcharge gives NHS extra funding
  174. FLR ( M) Questions
  175. New statement of changes to the Immigration Rules: HC 1534
  176. [Visa Application] 5 Weeks in, still waiting [for decision]
  177. Second FLR
  178. UK visa for Thai wife
  179. Girlfriend entering the country on her own
  180. FLR (M) Best time to Apply ?
  181. Advice needed forUK 2 year visit visa..
  182. Chat logs required for SV?
  183. Settlement visa for stepdaughter GRANTED
  184. How many [visits allowed on a 6 month visit visa?]
  185. Visit visa for wife's Daughter
  186. Which Visa is best
  187. Unsigned application form sent to Sheffield
  188. World news story: British Embassy Bangkok and Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) wo
  189. Spouse visa - self employed, who has to be the 'sponsor'?
  190. Financial Requirements form for a child.
  191. Extending the visa vignette
  192. New visa application centres..
  193. UKVI SELT List updated November 2018
  194. Five days for a new UK passport renewal
  195. Spouse VISA for wife and child
  196. A Secret Process To Solve Immigration Cases That Generate Negative Headlines
  197. Child Safeguarding in Thailand Conference
  198. Making a visit visa application in the Uk
  199. World news story: British Embassy Bangkok and Ministry of Social Development & Human
  200. World news story: British Embassy Bangkok and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BM
  201. Settlement Visa Basic Process/Costs
  202. FLR - Correspondence Question
  203. Meeting the 19k threshold requires to qualify as a sponsor
  204. Thai GF in Korea has two young Kids, I want all in UK
  205. 3rd visa questions.
  206. Confused by Visa Application Questions
  207. Doubts on reasons to return visit visa application
  208. Cant book an appointment at vfs Bangkok !!!
  209. Visit Visa for wife, questions & concerns...
  210. Biometrics
  211. life in the uk test
  212. World news story: British Embassy & Thai Authorities Roll Out Bilingual Police Report
  213. If the misses can not gain LITUK
  214. ILR refused because of E-ILRP.1.3.
  215. Visit visa introduction letter question
  216. URGENT - UKVCAS Email
  217. Guidance: Thailand – Consular Fees
  218. Visitor visa overstay advice required
  219. Re: Sons passport requirements
  220. Mother in law visit visa advice
  221. Settlement / residence permit - time outside UK
  222. Ilr
  223. FLR (M) 2019 Application
  224. First settlement visa granted
  225. FLR (M) Timing of Application
  226. Immigration Rules must be rewritten, Law Commission says
  227. Visit visa for a Thai wife
  228. FLR (M) due to expire in September 2019
  229. FLR application online
  230. ILR (M) Guidance ..
  231. Immigration Asylum Appeal....help
  232. settlement visa/general questions
  233. FLR
  234. FLR for wife and children
  235. Guidance: Thailand – Consular Fees
  236. 2nd Visa [FLR (2nd 30 month period)]
  237. Settlement/Spouse visa application
  238. Foreign Embassy Alliance driving change on road safety with Ministr
  239. High Court finds Right to Rent checks discriminatory in landmark judgment
  240. The Independent Chief Inspector invites suggestions for inspection topics in 2019-20
  241. Thai Ministry of Commerce and British Embassy join forces to b
  242. FLR (M) Question
  243. Life in the UK Test
  244. ILR - application date
  245. FLR Non applicant spouse children
  246. How many times can an FLR be extended?
  247. ILR for dependent child over 18
  248. Time frame to send the documents to Sheffield after the application date
  249. Is a settlement Visa the first visa I should apply for to reside in the UK?
  250. VAF-4A do you sign this document?