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  1. Fiance Visa then FLR?
  2. ILR early application is it possible?
  3. Thai mother with a british child (hold british pssport)
  4. Visa for Brother in Law
  5. how to begin the process of adopting my wifes niece
  6. Friend Has Leukemia - Visa Question
  7. Applying to bring step daughter to uk
  8. a few questions
  9. How long does my girlfriend have to wait to apply for second VV?
  10. Family Visa
  11. visa photo
  12. Visa Ran out already
  13. applying for spouse visa when seperated waiting finality of divorce
  14. UK Border Agency launches online booking for appointments
  15. ILR Application Date
  16. ILR - Postal v Personal Application
  17. I'm going to divorce ,need some advice
  18. F L R Visa advice
  19. Settlement Visa questions, wahey
  20. company reference for vv
  21. FLR (M) form
  22. ILR Question (time out of the UK)
  23. Off to the VAC in Bangkok - final checklist
  24. ESOL Question
  25. Newbie
  26. Visitors visa for girlriend
  27. Student Visa
  28. Lost my job, claim JSA and ILR..URGENT HELP PLEASE
  29. How Important is a Ticket ?
  30. Spouse Visa evidence.
  31. Question About Tourist Visa
  32. Family visit
  33. Got my wife asettlement visa even though I am on a low income
  34. Irish, resident & employed in UK, spouse visa or EEA family permit?
  35. another visa question
  36. SET O Help please
  37. ESOL in Kent
  38. settlement visa app
  39. Visa Application Refused
  40. Visa worries
  41. mortgage
  42. Indefinate Leave to Remain Date to Apply Advice
  43. Fiance visa - include student finance or not?
  44. visa duration
  45. Girlfriend goes home today
  46. Urgent: Thai Passport About to Expire
  47. thai passport expire date
  48. settlement visa app in bkk
  49. Visa option - can she stay the full six months?
  50. spouse visa /living situation
  51. sending money to the Mrs.....
  52. UK visit from someone with VV in another country
  53. FLR(M) passport name ?
  54. How to track your visa application on the VFS website
  55. Set O Document Help Please
  56. Met a great Thai lady in Germany and
  57. Por Khor 14 Problem
  58. Can a Thai travel back to Thailand with Expired Passport (Containing ILR)
  59. Vaf1a Help! What To Put For Details Of Girlfriends Father?, he died when she was baby
  60. ILR Question
  61. Repeat Visa/Change of name
  62. "Too Easy" Life in the UK Test
  63. Marrying in Thailand questions
  64. Second visitors visa?
  65. SOS GF removed from UK but now we are married
  66. A bit of tourist visa advice please
  67. 'Life In The UK' Test
  68. Settlement Visa - but complicated
  69. ILR - Query regarding rent
  70. Illegal Immigrants Discussion (moved posts)
  71. Fiance Visa
  72. Paper from Police required when applying for Marriage Visa?
  73. FLR(M) Form - Quick Questions
  74. VFS Appointment necessary?
  75. Can i go and pick my step daughter up with out the wife?
  76. HELP... with online application
  77. Staying in England
  78. fiancee visa help
  79. flr(m) how long ? also can you help ?
  80. Indefinate leave to remain
  81. Name change after marriage
  82. Child Visa Application - A couple of tips
  83. VAC regents house... any good accomodation nearby?
  84. Am I missing something?
  85. VAF1B - Family Visitors Visa
  86. Marriage, Visa and other Legal Requirements
  87. Help ... partner being administratively removed
  88. I have a question about settlement visa ka :)
  89. is there a fixed time to know partner before applying for settlement visa?
  90. How long need live england for ILR?
  91. Random(ish) Q's
  92. FLR(M) premium application (in person)
  93. anyone appying for sttlement visa....read this
  94. 3rd party support judgment - third party and joint sponsorship permitted
  95. Flr(m) lost debit card!!!
  96. How easy or difficult did your partner find the Life in the UK test?
  97. ILR then full settlement visa
  98. Thai language documents don't need translating?
  99. Any help on VV App for GF?
  100. two quick questions......
  101. Childrens visas
  102. UK Border Agency On line application process by e.mail
  103. Additional Visa Transfer Fee for New Thai passport
  104. Advice on Marriage Visa etc..
  105. missed FLR(M) appt
  106. Quick online application question
  107. do I have to fill a Sponsorship Undertaking form when applying for spouse visa?
  108. 3rd FLR Application
  109. advantage / disadvantage of the online applications?
  110. Visitor visa Part 5 HELP Please
  111. Child visa
  112. GF's Passport returned to VFS in 4days (is that good or bad?)
  113. Mother in law
  114. Another online application query
  115. ILR\ citizenship
  116. ILR Application Form Download
  117. GF's VV to UK Success (thanks to everyone on forum)
  118. Higher Fees as from 6 April 2010
  119. proof of "reasons to return"
  120. ESOL question
  121. Help - Family Visit Visa Length?
  122. ID cards
  123. price of settlement visa application
  124. Which visa
  125. Can someone please confirm this is the correct Spouse Visa timetable of events
  126. How do I avoid the sharks at Regent House ?
  127. ILR Application but with marriage problems
  128. Apply for ILR or apply for Extension???
  129. Do I need my birth certificate for marriage?
  130. can my thai wife use same queue as me at heathrow immigration
  131. getting my gf to uk
  132. Glasgow PEO for ILR - how long will it take?
  133. Advice regarding Visa
  134. ILR question
  135. Proof of ESOL Qualification for ILR
  136. marriage vsa
  137. !!!!Help!!!!
  138. Child visitor
  139. Wife finding it hard to pass life in uk test
  140. Holiday Visa for Thai wife.
  141. Self employed and not had much income
  142. ILR - Day of Application
  143. Spouse Visa to expire, what next?
  144. court appearance
  145. Family Child Visa
  146. Refused Family Visit Visa
  147. ESOL
  148. ILR
  149. Another marriage question - with a difference
  150. TB Certificate
  151. certification of passport
  152. visa advice
  153. ILR Questions
  154. Family visa...ever heard of this? or Tourist visa
  155. Visa Application
  156. Obtaining UK settlement visa for Thai wife
  157. Where to take ESOL
  158. Child Settlement VISA - Sick Father
  159. Child Settlement Visa after ILR
  160. We may decide to marry while in Uk?
  161. visit visa finished now marriage visa
  162. G/friend V/V success 1st attempt(thank you)
  163. I.L.R. Requirements ?
  164. Applying for visit visa help please
  165. Fiance visa
  166. FLR with biometrics - 7 weeks in total
  167. Longer than 6 months?
  168. Spouse Visa granted today
  169. Fiance visa /applying for ILR
  170. Settlement Visa Questions
  171. When to apply for ILR visa
  172. When to apply for ILR if on 2nd FLR
  173. Transit Visa Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE
  174. TB or not TB "that is the question"
  175. New Exchange Rate at Embassy.
  176. vaf1 form?
  177. Pleading for FIANCE VISA Advice Pleease!
  178. Correct date to go for wife's ilr
  179. Life in the UK test for ILR
  180. what is minum period
  181. visa for son
  182. ILR advice
  183. Settlement Visa - 3 months in advance
  184. Cost of Spouse UK Settlement Visa
  185. just starting
  186. information required
  187. Visitor's Visa
  188. ILR - Personal Appointments
  189. clint
  190. Visa for 19 yr old daughter?
  191. visit visa when can she return again to the uk
  192. Registration as a British Citizen - Stepchild's Change of Name
  193. Ilr - next steps once achieved
  194. Completed VAF4a form and docs....NOW WHAT?
  195. Sponsor query for Settlement Visa - 3rd party support
  196. Online Application - Advice required please
  197. TB Check
  198. Is it a good idea to take a holiday in Thailand ?
  199. Settlment Visa Question
  200. Which visa ??
  201. Appeal
  202. my visa question
  203. settlement visa but no bank account
  204. SET (M) - Home and Finances
  205. Bangkok VFS office closures due to demonstrations
  206. How long to process ILR??
  207. Help me please, anyone? Please?
  208. what checks do embassy do on sponser re:settlement visa
  209. Visitor Visa - to - Other Visa (when in UK)
  210. Re: Visitors visa for wife's children (in 8 months time)
  211. childs visa
  212. Settlement Visa and Bank Details
  213. family visa to UK-cant find any details
  214. Renewal of Visa
  215. Proof of returning to Thailand
  216. Settlement visa documents list written in Thai
  217. settlement visa approved YESSSS
  218. Thai Translators
  219. Settlement Visa Documents – copies or originals?
  220. two year settlement visa and pregnant???
  221. Does my wife need a visa to visit Italy?
  222. Married and living in Thailand
  223. Wife TB
  224. FLR(M) Application Form Question
  225. please help.....need advice as soon as possible...
  226. Family visitor visa query
  227. ILR predicament
  228. Filling in VAF4 Settlement Visa Application Form
  229. fiance visa do you need return flight??
  230. I have no idea how to start!
  231. settlement visa???
  232. Savings as financial support.
  233. Police report lost passport.
  234. Heathrow Non Eu Channel, How long at Immigration?
  235. In Thailand when FLR expires
  236. Document Translation - Settlement Visa
  237. UK visa and Schengen visa
  238. fiancee visa
  239. Re: Student visa???
  240. how long for FLR(M) after bio-metrics
  241. life in uk test cd ? recommend
  242. ILR Success PEO Office Cardiff
  243. ILR qualification period
  244. Actual visa processing times Bangkok
  245. VFS Refusing Folders?
  246. Anyone Travelling to Bangkok?
  247. National ID Cards to be Scrapped
  248. Information
  249. Dodgy certificates.
  250. Taking wife's daughter to the uk