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  8. Schengen Visa
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  21. Canada!
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  28. visa for usa, dubai,etc
  29. Schengen Visa Validity
  30. French Schengen visa application by post
  31. can my wife travel with me in europe
  32. Turkish embassy
  33. schengen / marriage cert/ GRO
  34. Validation of wedding certificate
  35. Visa requirements...
  36. Indefinite leave to ENTER VS. Switzerland
  37. Schengen Visa For Italy
  38. Dutch Visa
  39. Sourthern Ireland VISA ?
  40. France Shengen visa
  41. French Schengen Visa for a School Trip
  42. French Shengen visa success - 12 month visa
  43. holiday to france
  44. vist to spain
  45. Schengen visa for spouses/children of EU contries and UK (if you miss this kratu you
  46. Belgian Schengen - Experience!
  47. Moving within the EU: Visiting Schengen States, etc
  48. Visa for Holland
  49. going to greece
  50. Schengen Visa query
  51. US Visa ?
  52. Short & Sweet Shenghen
  53. European Visa's
  54. Schengen Visas Not Required for FLR/ILR Residence Permit Holders
  55. Complaint to Dutch Embassy and Response
  56. Shengan Visa to Spain
  57. Guide to Right of Movement around the EU/EEA!
  58. Travel in Europe
  59. Visas for Australia....
  60. Statistics Needed for Premium Rate Booking Lines Complaint
  61. A Schengen story
  62. Shengen visa
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  68. USA 10 year Visa
  69. Europe Blue Card / Future of Visas
  70. Schengen Visa Application - easy !!
  71. Schengen Visa and France/Belgium
  72. Swizerland on a UK VV?
  73. spainish schengen visa help please
  74. Do Thai's need a visa to visit Mauritius?
  75. Schengen Visa Question.
  76. Schengen Visa Germany
  77. What are your experiences with thai ladies and visa applications by them ?
  78. Spanish Consulate in Manchester
  79. Schengan Visa - Requirements for Spanish Consulate Manchester
  80. Our experience at the Spanish Consulate in Manchester
  81. belguim on a spouse visa?
  82. Australian Visa
  83. Schengen Visa
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  88. travel visa to another european country whilst in the 1st year of spouse visa
  89. Our experience at the Swedish Embassy
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  91. Visit Visa to Italy
  92. schengen again
  93. Legalisation of Marriage Certificate - Schengen Visa
  94. Shengen at immigration control
  95. USA Visa waiver for Thai with ILR
  96. Portugese Visa
  97. Length of Schengen visa for Germany
  98. An Afternoon at the French Consulate
  99. Belgium Visa
  100. Schengen Visa by Post
  101. Australian Tourist Visa?
  102. Schengen Visa Question
  103. Remarks on German Schengen Visa - Translation Needed
  104. Entry requirements for Singapore?
  105. Spanish Embassy
  106. How long after view issued - When can we go to America for Holiday?
  107. Cypriot Visa Obtained
  108. Italian Visitors Visa Cost
  109. Greece....
  110. Wife on SV - holiday to Spain - Visa needed?
  111. Getting a Schengen Visa when there's only 2 months to run on the UK visa
  112. Question about German Schengen application
  113. Time limit to apply for a schengen visa after arriving in UK on spouse visa FLR
  114. Shengen visas a Thai needs health insurance!
  115. Belgium Settlement Visa
  116. Hol with new thai wife
  117. US Tourist/Student Visa
  118. Migrating to Australia
  119. Cambodia Visa
  120. Schengen Visa's
  121. visit to france
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  126. No Schengen Visa Required
  127. Schengen Visa's
  128. Schengen from Czech Embassy London 1 week via post
  129. Cyprus Visa
  130. UK and RoI; Common Travel Area?
  131. Schengen Visa for Sweden
  132. Entry to Switzerland...?
  133. No Schengen required - Schengen required
  134. Eaa family permit
  135. Can My Thai Wife Come with Us on a USA Holiday?
  136. So...The days of going to Switzerland with no Schengen are soon to be over!!!
  137. Schengen Visa Question.
  138. visa for travel from UK
  139. US Embassy Visit in Bangkok
  140. Entry to Switzerland (with Portuguese Resident Card)
  141. Bit of a problem
  142. Daughter's School Trip to France
  143. Schengen Visa at very short notice
  144. France Schengen VISA
  145. Schengen Visa for Turkey
  146. Schengen Visa Valid?
  147. Abu Dhabi (UAE) Stop off
  148. spanish visa
  149. Netherlands visa (again)
  150. Schengen visa app while in UK on v/v?
  151. European Holidays on an initial two year settlement visa
  152. Schengen Visa to Greece free?
  153. Going to france
  154. Schengen Visa Germany-Brilliant Service
  155. Shengen Visa Italy
  156. Visa for Dubai Holiday
  157. German Schengen Visa for Spain Trip
  158. Is Schengen Visa for France necessary?
  159. EU visa fees
  160. Schengen for France
  161. Urgent Help needed please
  162. residence permit
  163. visa for canada
  164. Travel to Russia with Thai passport
  165. Holiday Visa for USA
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  167. Maltese Visa
  168. Visa for Egypt (Sinai)
  169. Schengen visa immigration clearance
  170. Danish Visa
  171. schengen question
  172. Will I be able to take my GF to Paris on her UK Visa?
  173. 1st Schengen Visa
  174. Schengen in New Passport
  175. Schengen Visa For the Canary Islands
  176. US Visa Application Process
  177. Using the German Embassy to visit Spain.
  178. Are the French allowing postal applications from all Counties now ?
  179. 2004/38/EC - EEA Free Movement Regulations
  180. Using german embassy for schengen visa.
  181. schengen visa in bangkok
  182. Cyprus
  183. Another German Schengen Visa question
  184. Schengen visa
  185. Schengen Form Questions
  186. Visiting Spain on UK Settlement visa
  187. Subsequent visits on a Multiple Visit Schengen Visa
  188. Italian Visa
  189. Going to Paris
  190. shafted
  191. Clarify Visa Dates
  192. portuguese schengen........@ manchester...exellent service
  193. Holiday to European countries
  194. German Application
  195. US visa refusal
  196. bkk via mumbai on settlement visa
  197. Schengen and marriage cert.
  198. EU National?
  199. Do you really need schengen visas?
  200. passport query
  201. Laos Visa Query
  202. driving to holland via france which country do i apply for schenegen visa please
  203. Schengen Shenanigans
  204. France and Italy push for reform of Schengen treaty
  205. Cyprus Tourist Visa
  206. visa requirements for turkey
  207. Driving to Italy through France/Switzerland
  208. dutch schengen
  209. Visiting Laos in July...
  210. European Holiday
  211. Schengen for Germany, which category? which documents? MFA certified marriage cert ok
  212. can any one give me update on waiting times for Dutch/german schengen
  213. Belgian Schengen Visa
  214. USA visit visa.
  215. Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme
  216. schengen info please.
  217. Probably a silly question - can my gf apply for a schengen in london?
  218. Schengen for Germany
  219. Shengen for Spain?
  220. Schengen For France ( Updated )
  221. africa holiday
  222. Thai national on a UK visit visa transiting through a Swiss airport....
  223. Schengen in 48 hours possible?
  224. Schengen Visa from the German Embassy - A few questions.
  225. schengen
  226. Help Requested
  227. France Visa
  228. Are airlines knowledgable about Residence Card of a Family Member of an EEA National?
  229. visa to france
  230. Biometric residence permit in Germany
  231. Amsterdam
  232. Have ILR, do I need a visa for France
  233. Cost of Irish visa?
  234. schengan for France
  235. Visitor to UK
  236. Holiday Help Please?
  237. insurance for Thai wife to get Shengen for Germany
  238. thai passport holders dont need a visa to enter turkey
  239. VFS Ruin the Trip of a Lifetime
  240. translated document for schengen France
  241. Schengen - using for a different country from the one you got it from first?
  242. Recommend me a holiday [with ILR]
  243. German Schengen Visa Application Possible Mistake
  244. Possible to apply for Schengen visa when on a visit visa in UK?
  245. Does my Thai wife need a visa for Northern Cyprus?
  246. help with a thai family member visiting uk from denmark
  247. Schengen visa required for Amsterdam transit ?
  248. Visiting Laos. Travel Tip.
  249. Schengen Visa for gf who is seperated from husband,
  250. visa for connecting flight?