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  1. COVID-19 [general discussion]
  2. Health Advice for those returning to the UK from Thailand
  3. Travelling to Thailand during the Covid-19 crisis
  4. COVID-19 lockdown in Thailand
  5. BA Flight cancellations
  6. Coronavirus - UK Food Deliveries
  7. Transport in and out of london during coronavirus
  8. Coronavirus: Thai elephants face starvation as tourism collapses
  9. Thailand extends ban on ALL international flights to 30 June 2020
  10. Thai Airways Suspend International Flights until June
  11. Give up Smoking
  12. UK and Thailand COVID-19 Statistics
  13. UK Prime Minister in intensive care
  14. Seperated from loved ones
  15. Books to read whilst in lockdown
  16. International postal deliveries
  17. Thailand announces automatic visa extensions (April 2020)
  18. Coronavirus changes to our [ILR] plan
  19. light relief [clean topical humour]
  20. B and Q [online ordering only and website wait times]
  21. Anyone entering UK may be forced to 14 day quarantine
  22. Free UK 1 year visa extensions for health workers
  23. Coronavirus: more contagious mutant strain sweeping Europe
  24. Heathrow COVID-19 detection trials
  25. Boris unveils 'conditional plan' to reopen UK
  26. UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy
  27. 'COVID dogs' could sniff out up to 250 people an hour for coronavirus
  28. So, Thailand for Christmas and New Year 2020?
  29. New 'Normal' for Visitors to Thailand
  30. UK COVID-19: NHS Test and Trace Service launched.
  31. Sage minutes reveal how UK advisers reacted to coronavirus crisis
  32. Recommended TV series to download during the lock down.
  33. UK Anti-Racism Protests Break Coronavirus Lockdown Rules
  34. THAI Airways cancelling July flights
  35. UK's Covid-19 alert level reduced from four to three
  36. Pubs, restaurants, hotels & hairdressers to open from 4 July in England
  37. Coronavirus: Looking for viruses in Thai bats
  38. New Pig Flu worry
  39. Thai Wife Urgently wants to return to Thailand
  40. Cannot stay in UK and cannot go anywhere either
  41. Oxford vaccine triggers immune response
  42. No tourists: Thailand misses out on 400 billion baht
  43. Thailand closed to visitors until 2021?
  44. Local Infection Case in BKK
  45. Thai national travel advice to UK
  46. Donald forgot to duck