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2nd Jan 2011, 00:07
I contacted our local college recently about Jan attending a Esol course. I was quoted £1500 because she had been here under 12 months or £600 after. What sort of cost should I be looking at and what sort of alternative is there to a local college. :confused:

Thanks Melnathan

2nd Jan 2011, 10:34
I suggest you contact your local council to see if they offer ESOL. My wife only paid £40 a term. Unfortunately it does vary from place to place. It may be worth contacting a neighbouring council too if your local council is too expensive. Quite a few students on my wife's course were Cardiff residents but the Vale of Glamorgan council allowed students, from outside its boundaries on the course, if spaces were available.

2nd Jan 2011, 20:14
^^ I agree and have to say I am shocked at the amount they are asking for. In my home town ESOL courses are held at out local community centre and they are free
have you asked at the job centre? thats where we discovered these free courses

3rd Jan 2011, 21:16
wife going on 8 week course late Jan, she has been assessed and they are starting her on leval 3

cost 126 uk pounds ( sorry no pound sign Thai keyboard)

3rd Jan 2011, 22:30
alanr is it a college or school and how did you find it. Have been trawlling the net but not getting anywhere fast

4th Jan 2011, 16:53
Last year, my wife's first in the UK, I paid about £140 per term for her ESOL course at our local college. I was told this year would have been at a reduced rate anyway but was actually free because at the moment I'm claiming working tax credits. Starting next week she will be doing a 30 hour ESOL with Citizenship course for her ILR visa and, again because I claim tax credits, the college today told us it's free instead of the usual £120 or so.

So I think the £1500 you were quoted is just a little bit excessive.

4th Jan 2011, 20:23
hi melnathan its local collage


4th Jan 2011, 23:10
I am with sumrit and Alan R. My wfe is on the esol with citizenship course. The cost of the course was around £400 because she hadn't been in the country a year, if she had it would have been less! I think the college charging £1500 is having a laugh! Or maybe you have been quoted for a different esol courses! To meet the criteria for the ILR you need to be on a course with citizenship content or pass the life in UK test. I would double check with your college!


6th Jan 2011, 13:25
My wife is on an English course with life in the UK content and it is FOC. This is through the local college. When I first enquired before term started I was told there was a charge but when she enrolled they said no charge.

Before she started the course I double checked that the course she was doing would be correct for settlement visa.

Gary & Nok
6th Jan 2011, 13:55
Before she started the course I double checked that the course she was doing would be correct for settlement visa.Good idea, did you also check to make sure that the college is an accredited one as required by the UKBA?

6th Jan 2011, 14:08
Yes made sure the college was accredited as well.

There were other places I rung closer to where we live offering ESOL and saying they had students who were applying for visas, but their courses did not have life in the uk content. They wanted students as they were government funded.

They did not try to mislead me but only said they did ESOL when I asked if they did ESOL and NO when I asked if they had life in the UK element etc. They wouldn't have told me this if I hadn't asked.

So would suggest people make 100% sure first unless they have time for another course next term.