View Full Version : Anyone know a Thai speaking English teacher?

11th Jan 2011, 00:35

Does anyone know of any Thai speaking English teachers, South Yorkshire area? Looking for a basic introduction before more formal study lead by English speakers.
Does not need to be a teacher as such if anyone can help, or suggest any particularly good materials for the learning fundamentals.


11th Jan 2011, 22:23
Hi your post has left me a but confused. Are you looking to learn Thai or English? If it is Thai you want to learn does it need to be from an English teacher?


11th Jan 2011, 22:36
I think he's looking for a thai speaking english teacher !!

Sounds fairly straightforward to me (I think!!), he wants a teacher of english who can speak thai to aid the person who he or she is teaching english to (?)

comprendez ? No ? Nor me !