View Full Version : When to take the Life In The Uk test?

7th Mar 2011, 20:49
Hi All,

Not posted in a while. The wife has been nicely settled here in sunny Lincoln and we had a baby daughter in June last year.
She has recently started a pretty good course at the local college that helps you to study and prepare for the test and she has been working hard for each lesson and doing very well.

As I understand it, she cannot apply for ILR until she has been here for a minimum of 2 years - which will be November this year. However, I would prefer it if she could take the test whilst its all fresh in her mind in a few weeks time.
Is this ok to do? Are there any time limits on the validity of the test?

Many thanks,

7th Mar 2011, 22:05
No time limit. She can take the test now and present the certificate in November, no problem.

8th Mar 2011, 21:11