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16th Jun 2011, 14:58
To all

Thanks to all those who signed up for Premium Membership (http://thailand-uk.com/forums/premium) during 2010-2011.

The funds raised fell just short of £300. Lee has today sent £300 to the charity chosen by Premium Members this year, the Camillian Social Center, Rayong (http://www.hiv-aids-kids.org/).

Below is a copy of the receipt:


New Premium Membership (http://thailand-uk.com/forums/premium) subscriptions have recently been raised to a minimum £10 per year so hopefully we'll be able to report a higher contribution this time next year.

If you've not already signed up for Premium Membership (http://thailand-uk.com/forums/premium), please do so now. Every penny collected goes each year to a charity chosen by Premium Members.

Best wishes

16th Jun 2011, 15:12
A worthy cause:D:clap:

16th Jun 2011, 18:44
....whose lates childrens home can be viewed here



17th Jun 2011, 05:21
A nice thank you letter from Fr. Giovanni Contarin:


A larger version can be found on our Premium Membership page here:


Thanks again to all Premium Members.

17th Jun 2011, 08:24
It's heart warming to see the money go to such a worth while cause ... Well done. And I shouldn't think any premium member would have a problem paying 10 pounds. For me its not just the great advice you can get on here ... But you get to know (and some cases meet) some great people on this forum. This forum has the lot ... Good advice ... Banter and jokes ... For me 10 pounds a year is a very small price to pay for all that :thumb:

17th Jun 2011, 08:34
It's nice to know my last 5 quid went to such a worthy cause. £10 is the equivilant of 4 pints of Bathams Bitter. When my subscription is due i will go out later that evening and drink 4 pints less than normal knowing that the money i have saved will be going to someone in need in Thailand.

Either that or i could give up Pork Scratchings for 10 weeks.

By the way, when are my subs due ?

17th Jun 2011, 08:41
By the way, when are my subs due ?

30th July 2011 - See: http://www.thailand-uk.com/forums/payments.php

As an existing subscriber, your subs will stay at £5 per year indefinitely. If you're feeling kind hearted, you can cancel your current subscription via your PayPal account at any time and start a new one here (http://thailand-uk.com/forums/premium) at £10 or more per year.


17th Jun 2011, 08:48
I'll be doubling my subs to a tenner, like you said Handyman, not a lot to pay for all the fun (and serious stuff) on here.

17th Jun 2011, 11:57
Absolutely Steve ... And of course I will show you how to pick a decent dream team for next season ... The handyman FC will take some beating ... :nod:

17th Jun 2011, 21:46
A lovely, gracious letter from Camillian Social Centre. I will be happy to increase my subs to 10 pound when due.