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9th Aug 2009, 17:35
Interesting reading: Sexual identity (http://freemovement.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/sexual-identity/).

Gary & Nok
9th Aug 2009, 23:45
I have read, admittedly quite quickly, the text in your link Vinny and for me it only shows one thing. Some people will do what ever they can to get into this country.

Now I am not saying the chap was or was not gay but it must be a hell of a dilemma for those that need to decide if someone has a “legit” case for entering the UK on the grounds of asylum because of persecution in their own country due to their sexuality.
It also makes it harder for those "genuine" asylum seekers from getting a fair deal.

As for the girl in question, regardless of her sexual nature as she came here from another country and then “somehow” found herself in prison she had, I would suggest, broken the law and on that grounds her sexuality should not have even been an issue, she should be deported.

Big AL
11th Aug 2009, 12:55
If you click on the link to the Appeal Court judgement it says that she got 5 years for conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

(I like the euphemistic words "she found herself imprisoned"; a bit like Alan Bennett describing finding himself in an antiques market, when exploring Norwich on a Sunday afternoon.)

She is resisting being deported back to Jamaica on the grounds that she is a lesbian and her human rights are therefore (?) at risk in Jamaica.

Many people object to this approach to human rights, on the grounds that they have a right not to have their kids at risk of being turned into addicts by such people. They may feel that, once someone has the good fortune to set foot in the UK, the bizarre world of human rights and an unlimited pot of taxpayers' money for legal representation becomes available to them. Someone may feel that we have no responsibility for this criminal's experiences in her home country.