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23rd Jul 2011, 18:42
Hi all. Lampao is here on settlement visa which runs until Oct 2012. We then apply fot ILR. She has completed and passed ESOL entry level 2. For ILR must she pass entry level 3? Or can she just pass Life In The UK Test? We have been quoted a fee of £1300 for entry level 3 by her college. We have friends who tell us that its not necessary to pass this, but that Lampao can sit and pass Life In UK instead for her ILR application. Is this right? Thanks

Ian and Lampao

Gary & Nok
23rd Jul 2011, 18:49
Unless things have changed and I am out of date she has already done enough to obtain ILR.

All you need to do on an ESOL is show progression from one level to the next.

Having passed her ESOL course (as long as it was with Citizenship content) then she is ready for the next step i.e she has shown progression and therefore passed the ILR requirement.

There is no need to sit a Life in the UK Test as it is "either or", not both.

I am sure I will be corrected if my info is wrong/out of date.

23rd Jul 2011, 19:52
Info is correct Gary, but Ian make sure she has a letter from the collage that the course was with citizenship content.

23rd Jul 2011, 21:39
passing the life in the UK test , she can use that for ILR and later for citizenship....if she wanted

Gary & Nok
23rd Jul 2011, 22:09
Why sisaket, she has already done enough, hasn't she!

23rd Jul 2011, 23:17
Why sisaket, she has already done enough, hasn't she!

think she d still need to pass life in the UK for citizenship later on......two birds one stone , but im the wrong person to give advice about ESOL courses for ILR

Gary & Nok
23rd Jul 2011, 23:46
Passing an ESOL course (with Citizenship content) is acceptable for Citizenship as well!
From Form AN

24th Jul 2011, 10:05
As Gary says your wife needs to either pass the life in the UK test OR progress from one level to the next on an ESOL with citizenship course.

The Life in the UK test is designed for people who are already at entry level three English and people might struggle with the test if not at that level.

With the alternative ESOL option, as Gary says, your wife must progress from one level to the next, it must be a course that contained citizenship content AND be taken at an accredited college. Your wife would get the required certificate plus the college would also give her a letter confirming her course contained citizenship content. Most standard ESOL (skills for life) courses don't contain the required citizenship content.

The correct course is a (minimum) thirty hour course, usually taken over one college term, and normally costs around £125 (it does vary slightly between colleges) if you've been in the UK for more than one year.

I'm guessing that you were quoted £1300 because your wife has been in the UK for less than one year. During her first year in the UK she is treated as a foreign student and must pay the full fee. After one year she will treated the same as any UK student and pay the same fee that we would.

As others have said, if the entry level two course she took contained citizenship content and the college is accredited she already has the English qualification she needs for both ILR and Citizenship. Just make sure you get the required letter from the college. If not she must choose either the LITUK test or the correct ESOL entry level three course. Personally my wife took the ESOL route because she would be continuing at college anyway, just to improve her English skills.

24th Jul 2011, 11:57
We went to college a few days ago to get Tan assessed for ESOL, she has been here on a settlement visa since February 2011. The assessor told us we were too early as if she starts a course this year it would be around £1000 if she waits until next year it will be about £300. It seems a bit daft to me, surely it would be better to get the qualification as early as possible but I suppose there must be a reason for these rules.

Gary & Nok
24th Jul 2011, 12:44
Milly, you can get the course done as early as you want, it just depends if you want to pay the extortionate higher fee.

There must be an obvious (to someone) reason why this rule on waiting 1 year before the price drops is in place but it baffles me. Perhaps they think there are enough desperate/unaware people around that they can run the courses at that price.

24th Jul 2011, 12:49
Yes Gary we could do the test now but the bloke at the College virtually said I would be a headcase to spend £1K now, when it will be £300 next year and I and my bank manager agree.

Gary & Nok
24th Jul 2011, 13:01
Absolutely! You never know in the meantime she might want to be looking at the Life in the UK book (not sure if you already are) and then a test will only cost you £34. A very happy you and Bank Manager :D

24th Jul 2011, 13:56
My wife is currently working through the Life in the UK Test Study Guide 2011 Edition.

I originally bought her the Life in the UK Test Handbook (pink version) which is in Thai and English to start her off, but, this version is not as in depth as the study guide, and would be surprised if anyone could pass the test having just studied the pink version. It's a good place to start, though.

She arrived in the UK in November 2010, and we are planning on her taking the LITUK in September/October this year, giving enough time for resits if this becomes necessary.

24th Jul 2011, 13:59
You mean 2010 Link?

Gary & Nok
24th Jul 2011, 14:00
She arrived in the UK in November 2011http://smileyicons.net/s/301.gif

24th Jul 2011, 14:00
Thanks, millermac. Indeed, 2010 and just edited.

24th Jul 2011, 18:34
Ok just to clear things up. The ESOL course that Lampao just passed was entry level 2 NOT 3 and did NOT contain citizenship materials. Now, can she just do Life In the UK test, or does she have to pass entry level 3 too? Cheers

Gary & Nok
24th Jul 2011, 18:51
She can do the Life in the UK test if she wants, there is no stopping her, if her English is advanced enough to understand it fully.

As the ESOL course was NOT with Citizenship content it is no good to Lampao's ILR application. If the Level 3 is also NOT with Citizenship content then that will be no good to her either.

If you do ESOL it MUST be with Citizenship content to be good enough for ILR/Citizenship.

24th Jul 2011, 18:56
Hi Ian, if she has the time then progress to level three, but as the course does not have citizenship content, then it looks like she will have to do the life in the UK test.


24th Jul 2011, 18:58
David, thanks. But Im trying to clarify if she must do ESOL 3 AND Life In The UK? Or can she JUST do Life In The Uk test? Cheers

24th Jul 2011, 18:59
Sorry Gary you must have quicker fingers than me.Ian no only life in the Uk Not both

24th Jul 2011, 19:00
Gary - so Life In The UK test is all she needs for ILR?

24th Jul 2011, 19:03
No you only have to do one or the other, not both

24th Jul 2011, 19:07
Thats excellent news. We were told by her tutor that last years course included Citizenship materials, so we paid out £700. Then a month before the exams, we were told that it didnt! Then the college decided that next years ESOL entry level 3 course would cost £1400!!

Gary & Nok
24th Jul 2011, 19:26
Sorry stepped away from the PC for a bit but yes as DB1 said one or the other. Certainly not worth doing the ESOL 3 if it is not going to have the Citizenship material. The only advantage of doing it would be to improve her English, nothing more (as far as Visas/Citizenship are concerned).

LIUK test certainly cheaper option and if I were you I would seriously be having a go at the college to get some money back for promising a certain course and not delivering (good luck with that though).

25th Jul 2011, 00:52
Hi The Link

Just curious as to where you brought this "pink" LIUK handbook in Thai & English ?, i would like to buy a copy for my wife as would be a great starting point for her...


25th Jul 2011, 19:33
Contacted UKBA today to try to clarify this. They were very vague. Told us to download forms SET(M) and do a dummy run completion. In the section re language and life in uk, there are 2 question. Have you passed Life In The UK test? And have you passed an ESOL with Citizenship Content course? It doesnt say that its either, or. Sorry to harp on about this but just want to be sure of the facts. If Lampao passes LITUK test, that will suffice for her ILR application? Thanks again all

25th Jul 2011, 20:47
Hi Alan, you will find here on amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-UK-Test-Handbook-English/dp/0956573800/ref=sr_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1311619557&sr=1-13).

Thanks, Tony


If Lampao passes LITUK test, that will suffice for her ILR application? Thanks again all

Yes, Yanto. This is why my wife is studying for LITUK test, as her English is adequately proficient to go down this particular route.

26th Jul 2011, 13:24
Yanto, it's either an ESOL with citizenship content course OR the life in the UK test. She doesn't need both.

The confusion sometimes comes because the UKBA says the life in the UK test is designed for people who are already at entry level three, below that and their English might not be good enough. This leads some colleges to say you need to take ESOL entry level three in order to pass the LITUK test, which is not true. For anybody who is currently below entry level three standard, they can progress up one ESOL entry level, as long as the course contains citizenship content, and that is an acceptable alternative to the LITUK test. What you can't do is take the citizenship content as a separate course so, if your wife chose the ESOL route she would have to take entry level three with citizenship. Of course, as others have said, your wife can take the LITUK test at any time, and at £34 it's a cheaper option......providing she doesn't fail too many times:D. As well as the official blue LITUK book to study there are plenty of question and answer books and CD's available to practice with.

26th Jul 2011, 20:10
sumrit - thanks so much. LITUK test it is then! And she better pass first time too ;-)

26th Jul 2011, 21:13
Yanto, just bear in mind the LITUK test certainly isn't as easy as it sounds. There sure is a lot of studying involved and any motivation or assistance you can give your wife, all the better.

26th Jul 2011, 21:16
link - I totally appreciate that, and Lampao knows that I will always help her. I was joking about her having to pass first time!

27th Jul 2011, 00:58
the LITUK test certainly isn't as easy as it sounds

Correct as Mrs 244 would say "watch out or the Hugenots" never mind the the devolved stuff.

Good Luck

colin 244