View Full Version : Food tip : Spoil yourself with aThai KFC's Egg Tart.

10th Jan 2012, 09:01
Feeling a little peckish while in Big C i decided to pop in to KFC to try a KFC Egg Tart, they are served warm and are, quite frankly, absolutely delicious.

If you are in Big C on South Pattaya Road/ Sukhomvit Road, where i was, there's no need to actually go into the actual KFC itself, no, to avoid queuing just go to the KFC Egg Tart kiosk situated to the left.

So if you like Egg Tarts (similar to a British Custard Tart) pop into a Thai KFC and treat yourself.

KFC Egg Tart, served warm

A Similar British Custard Tart, generally eaten cold

10th Jan 2012, 09:14
I am guessing that is 'kai graree' in Thai. :D

10th Jan 2012, 09:18
Have to agree Wolfy. ฿19 apiece and delicious. Different sort of tart Dan. ;)

10th Jan 2012, 09:54
I recall stuffing two of them down my neck while the wife wasnt looking, they are lovely a nice warm egg custard.

10th Jan 2012, 18:06
Same Same, there lovely I wish KFC done then in the UK

10th Jan 2012, 18:19
They look similar to the famous Portugese egg tarts available in Macau.

10th Jan 2012, 19:59
Also KFC deliver in LOS so you can get these little beauties delivered right to your door!:banana:

10th Jan 2012, 20:25
They have similar on the local village markets about 10 Baht very nice.

10th Jan 2012, 23:12
Never seen them in LOS KFC's are they a new thing?

colin 244

Gary & Nok
11th Jan 2012, 13:29
I think KFC's have been around for years Col :rolleyes:

11th Jan 2012, 13:48
Egg Tarts.

Well Portuguese egg tarts to be precise. Believe it or not, these delicious little things were my to blame for my very 1st visit to Thailand!
I was holidaying in Malaysia with some Chinese friends some 15years ago. Started in KL and we booked a long weekend in Pennang. I had no say in the matter and simply went with the flow.
We arrived on the island early on the Friday morning to find it was all but ‘out of season’ thus explaining the low cost of the package. It was dreadful, so blooming quite the only atmosphere was spotting the rather large rats competing with cats for food.
My Chinese friends decided to go into town to visit a famous bakery. What ? Why? I asked searching for something more active to do. I was told they had come to the island to get Portuguese tarts. Chinese are like that. They will travel to the four corners of the globe for items that to us are either obscure or mundane.
Anyway, the ‘tarts’ were simply delicious and to this day I haven’t tasted a custard tart that has tasted so good.
Anyway they could see I was so bored we decided to go to Bangkok direct from Pennang. It surprised me that our mode of travel was a jumbo jet with about 100 people (or less) on board.
So every time I see a custard tart I think how it influenced my introduction to Thailand.
Last month, sitting with the kids in a KFC, I sat back and smiled inwardly to myself whilst eating a KFC tart.
Agree, they are nice. Informed at the time, they introduced them a few months ago.

11th Jan 2012, 14:41
Wolfy, you've started something here. A Stourbridge franchise perhaps?

11th Jan 2012, 16:44
or a delivery service?

Gary & Nok
11th Jan 2012, 20:02
Wolfy, you've started something here. A Stourbridge franchise perhaps?Perhaps you could include Samurai Burgers too :D

11th Jan 2012, 20:36
Good job neither KFC Egg Tarts or McDonalds Samurai Burgers aren't available over here Gary, we'd both be as fat as Tonky Pigs.

11th Jan 2012, 21:58
So have Tarts Gary but have not seen Wolfy's egg tart recommendation in LOS KFC's before.

colin 244