View Full Version : Settlement Visa - what insurance required?

12th May 2009, 12:58
All being well the wife should get her Settlement Visa soon. On her two previous Visit Visa trips to the UK the wife popped into the 'travel agent/language school/visa centre' shop to arrange her Travel Insurance - typically for three months.

What's the score regarding a one-way trip as far as insurance is concerned i.e. do we just need cover for flight/baggage etc? Ta

12th May 2009, 14:57
As soon as your missus touches down in the UK, holding a settlement visa, she'll be medically covered by the NHS. Consequently, whether you take out flight insurance etc., is pretty much your call. It would be hoped that if her flight were delayed/cancelled, she'd simply be re-booked by the airline on the next available flight.

12th May 2009, 17:10
Cheers MM.

thailand bear
12th May 2009, 22:48
We are sweating over my wifes Settlement Visa Appliction which we put in on April 2nd. Can honestly say when you get to this stage
the last thing you will be thinking about is insuring Suitcases.