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4th Jul 2012, 01:40
The impact of building a dam on Laos' Mekong river

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4th Jul 2012, 14:10
This is absolutely true. It will cause more long term damage down stream than anyone can imagine. Although we have habitually had problems with getting our business in Thailand up and going, we we approached by certain companies involved with this project to supply our material.
There are some things in life you just have to say NO to. This was one of them.

It is a disgrace, the Laos people are being railroaded by the Chinese and Thai to earn money no matter the damage it will cause.

4th Jul 2012, 15:31
i think this has being talked about for many years .by thailand and china.loas is the poor brother over this

Gary & Nok
4th Jul 2012, 17:32
Wonder what effects this will have on the family, we are on the banks of the Mekong but way below the site of the 'non' dam. But close to some of the proposed ones.

4th Jul 2012, 21:51
Hmm looks like China and Hi So Thai cashing in with the Laoations being the pawns here.

colin 244

4th Jul 2012, 22:03
Just been watching the repeats of Rick Stein's Eastern Odyssey. He was talking to a fisherman who says these dams will basically up their livelyhood as well as depriving the local population of daily fresh fish etc.

Please excuse me if you think i'm talking . I've just got back from the pub having consumed several pints of the amber nectar and i'm off to bed in a minute. Hello Colin 244, rarely are we on here at the same time, hope you've earned lots of commission today mate.

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4th Jul 2012, 23:52
Hello as well Wolfy we are like ships in the night as they say and yes I did but unfortunately the majority goes to the company not me :(

colin 244

PS One day in PHS with our ladies maybe in Topland Disco? :D

6th Jul 2012, 15:50
Laos will not press ahead with the construction of a controversial dam on the Mekong river until environmental issues have been resolved, state-run media report.

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6th Jul 2012, 23:16
So now it's out in the worldwide public i.e. internet the Laos authorities are back tracking on the plan despite the earlier report on the construction with an environmental excuse to save face.

colin 244

26th Jul 2012, 07:21
Laos invites international observers to visit the site of a controversial dam on the Mekong River.

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Gary & Nok
26th Jul 2012, 20:48
Can I volunteer for an all expenses paid trip!

26th Jul 2012, 23:05
Too late Gary the freebies are there already :lol:

colin 244

27th Jul 2012, 10:55
Technically I suppose they are not damming the river but they intend to. Without a doubt! Why spend millions on infrastructure, footings (in the river) village displacement. Its huge, enormous so whats it all about?

When i was 14/15 we lived in a quite village with a shallow river in the back garden. About 12m wide and at best 12" deep. My parents went to Canada for a month in the summer and I was left with an Aunty at the house:banana:

Me and the mates decided to 'dam' the river to form a deep pond for us to swim in during the summer (remember those). It took us about a week working everyday from sunrise to sunset. My dad was a builder and I simply called the local merchants and had them deliver sand for my beach. (On dad's account of course).
Anyway, it caused absolute mayhem all the way down where 'my' river joined the Kelvin river and I was aghast to be visited by the Waterway, Council and Police authorities. They brought in JCB's to destroy my Dam and pool/beach.
This was in the days before mobiles, digital cameras etc, But when I saw the damage I had caused by my works some weeks later (when the water authority developed the photos) I understood that for every action, there is a reaction. Something that has stayed with me.
The scale of this Laos dam can only have a devastating action down stream. I am not one of these 'environmentalist's' or even 'green' for that matter but the dams further upstream have already altered the environment at the point where this great river meets the sea.
IMHO, building a dam to create electricity to 'export' is a cop out. :bah:

27th Jul 2012, 13:03
"In April, a multi-billion dollar contract was signed for a Thai company, CH Karnchang, to build the dam."

Of course it is going to go ahead, and this is purely speculation but i would imagine one or two executives for the thai company building it will be senior politicians!

5th Nov 2012, 11:00
Laos gives the go-ahead to build a massive dam on the lower Mekong river, despite opposition from neighbouring countries and environmentalists.

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5th Nov 2012, 13:31
Think I suggested they would some time ago........................here.

5th Nov 2012, 15:23
For anybody that's interested, I follow this organizations webpages for self interest and work related. There are further links contained within for more of the technical, environmental and political issues.

It is hard to imagine but it states that this is the 'lower' Mekong yet it is hundreds of kilometers inland. Really what they mean is 'slower' Mekong. Anyone who is familiar with family out there will get the gist.
I am no qualified civil engineer but the position of this dam (unlike other sites) is on the 'slow flowing' part of the Mekong, not a tributary. I have seen for myself the monumental earthworks on a scale I have never seen before except for a recent thread about copper mining.

If the ❇❇❇❇y BaliHali pier extension can empty Pattaya's beaches of sand in the last 5 years, this dam could be catastrophic for everyone in the region. The knock damage and on effects can be read within the websites.

Unless I am terribly mistaken, the BBC have got it wrong. It may be a dam on the Laos side of the Mekong, built by a Thai main contractor but the funding is coming from China via a loan and the Chinese government holding a stake.
(according to the Asian Development Bank assisted projects)

5th Nov 2012, 22:33
Will no doubt disrupt a lot of people but Laos seems intent on dragging itself out of the "poorest country in SE Asia" and being landlocked this is the way in their view although there is a big SE Asian conference going on and Vietnam + Cambodia will no doubt say something about the Dam.

I also read that yes the main contractor is Thai but also the power the dam would provide is destined for LOS so what do China get out of it?

colin 244

6th Nov 2012, 11:19
so what do China get out of it?

Its a loan Colin with added benefits like further loans; 'to drag them into this century' but in reality, they will be so much in 'hawk' they wont actually own anything.