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10th Mar 2007, 11:50
Just sorting out our trip for the end of the year :cool: All being well Su will go out a month a head of me so she can spend some more time with her family , and we'll both travel back together.

Mine and Su's concern is at the airport she is not confident enough to get to the right gate / plane etc on time, due to her limited English.I'm not doubting her and maybe she could get it right, but it just isn't worth risking it a the cost of nearly £500.

It would be a lot easier if after she has checked in some one could chaperone her to the correct gate so she could just wait there ready to board the plane, and then won't be able to go wrong. I wasn't sure if airlines offered a service like this, maybe they do something similar to this with children travelling alone :angel:

More than likely be flying with Thai - Heathrow Terminal 3 (it always takes me a while to to get to the right gate when we go from here, end up going round in circles it all looks the same, and thats before any beer) :crazy:

10th Mar 2007, 12:40
Hi Sy N Su, Thai Airlines do a chaparon service ask when you book.

Dave & Pinpat
10th Mar 2007, 12:56
Hi Sy

No need to book, when you check-in ask the clerk and they will arrange it. I normally do this when the wife travels back to Thailand alone. All they ask is the you come back to the seats near the 1st class check-in around 8pm for the 21:30 flight, for there they take you straight to the gate and normally put them on the plane first.

Dave & Pinpat

10th Mar 2007, 15:09

my wife used the help first time going back alone but now tells me she "is expert in London Airport" although last time I was getting constant updates on the mobile of where she was in departures until "I'm getting on airplane and have to turn off cellphone" (love her loads) :lol:
colin 244

Black Gull
11th Mar 2007, 09:40
Hi Sy N Su
I've just return from Thailand and yes, I was travel alone at the first time since I came to England.
If Su not sure which gate is correct for her... a clerk at the counter will tell her which one, but if she not sure she have to stick on her desination ( Bangkok ) and flight number ( TG...) and Su need check and following on the board ( we can see boards at the shopping alrea )
If she come with Thai airway, I think if more easier than any, because she can ask a clerk at the counter in Thai to give her advise.
I hope she would be find, just keep talking on the phone with you and if she not sure she can talk to you on the phone it may help.

Good luck

11th Mar 2007, 11:43
Thats great news... thank you for your help everyone :thumb: Nothing to worry about now :)