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11th May 2014, 19:23
Any suggestions?

Considered Thai Style, but the missus is keen for a group class as she will meet people too.

Equally, if anyone knows a good way for her to meet Thais in or around Manchester, that would be helpful. She's not overly religious, so it's normally me pressing to go to temple more than her.

2nd Jun 2014, 14:40
Hi Boydio,

Did you find any of this information?

We are in Dukinfield and facing the same issue of where to go to meet other Thai's. My wife could really do with meeting some people with the possibility of friendship but she is very shy and of course I can't really find anything Thai community wise except a Temple in Stockport. We did visit that but as I said she is shy so she won't approach strangers first to talk. I'm also confused about study because I've spoke with our local college trying to enroll her on an ESOL course but they have said that they can't take her due to her being on a settlement spouse visa which seems mad. I am trying find information which either confirms what they say to be true or to hopefully contradict them as I thought she was entitled to study and work with the same rights as a UK citizen with this visa.

2nd Jun 2014, 17:34
Yes, looks like she'll be going to Manchester College, starting in September. A number of the ESOL courses won't accept people unless they've been looking for work for at least 12 months, something to do with government funding, but Manchester College is privately funded, so no issues there.

The best place seems to be the Thai massage shops, of which there are plenty. Get some good tips on places to go etc. too.

3rd Jun 2014, 00:18
Thanks mate, so what are the fee's that you will have to pay for the course? I see that it is £2,500 per term for ESOL if you are an international student so are they treating your wife as an international student or as a UK student?