View Full Version : Documentation required for my Thai wife to obtain a spouse visa

11th Jul 2015, 15:44
On the seventh of October,2014 I married my Thai lady in Thailand and she now wishes to obtain a spouse visa.Can anyone tell me exactly what documents are required to be produced to be successful in obtaining the visa.
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11th Jul 2015, 16:21
Look in the UK Visa section on this website and look up the excellent Frogster's guide..Virtually everything you need to know...
But if you do not earn £18600 gross per year or have a considerable amount of savings...or a combination of both .. your wife may not be issued a visa..

11th Jul 2015, 23:31
But welcome to the forum in the meantime 24008151 (Michael) ;)

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12th Jul 2015, 22:28
24008151 - army number welcome I am sure upto date people will point you in the right direction.

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