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9th Feb 2017, 22:26
Hi people! This summer I've been to Thailand and I got fascinated by your country, it was actually amazing! That's specially why I'm really interested in knowing the meaning of a phrase... well, indeed I want to know what it really means and the difference between other that I found and I don't understand why they are quite different.
The phrase I'm talking about is the following:

รักเธอ ความวุ่นวายของฉัน

The one that is supposed to be the same and I don't get why it is different is:


The original meaning that I wanted was "Love my chaos" (understanding it as an order that you are making to the reader, telling him/her that he must love your chaos).

Thank you very much if reading!

10th Feb 2017, 09:25
The second one doesn't say "Love my chaos", it says "I love chaos". The first one says "I love you. My chaos" (I think!)

Gary & Nok
11th Feb 2017, 09:24
The first one just with a simple Google translate = I love the chaos of
Second one as LWTG says = I love chaos