View Full Version : Confused about self employment.

13th Feb 2017, 23:33
My wife has started baby sitting in the last few weeks. She is not yet registered with the HMRC.I have read the financial guidelines and I understand that she can only include money earned in the last financial year in her next FLR M visa . As this ends on April 6th am I correct in thinking she can only count on the money she has earned in the past few weeks up to the end of the financial year plus my financial input to count to the £18600 requirement when she applies for FLR M later in the year?
Can someone confirm I have understood this correctly?

21st Feb 2017, 23:06
Read 7. In respect of self-employment in the UK as a partner, as a sole trader or in a franchise all of the following must be provided: (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/immigration-rules/immigration-rules-appendix-fm-se-family-members-specified-evidence) ...