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25th Feb 2017, 23:55

Could anyone please tell me when we submit the Visa application, do we have to provide an exact copy of all the documents? (i.e. copies of passport pages, wage slips and skype calls and cards) or just copy some of the information?

Thank you.

Tom & Nok
26th Feb 2017, 07:37

Regarding wage slips, you can submit originals or copies of the originals providing that they are accompanied by a letter from the employer on headed paper and signed by a senior company official to verify their authenticity. The relevant para is A1 1(bb) of the Home Office immigration rules Appendix FM SE (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/immigration-rules/immigration-rules-appendix-fm-se-family-members-specified-evidence) (as updated on 3rd January 2017).

As sponsor, I submitted a signed/self certified copy of the personal information page of my UK passport. I also provided a few sample printouts of dated LINE contact logs spread out over time to help evidence our "genuine and subsisting relationship".

26th Feb 2017, 08:24
I submitted a copy of everything in a separate folder..At the time that's what other forum members advised..(not sure why now)..Just over two years ago now..

26th Feb 2017, 08:56
i also made copies of everything in another folder.
Had no problems everything returned.

Tom & Nok
26th Feb 2017, 09:30
Same as Holty above.

26th Feb 2017, 12:52
Thank you very much, is pretty much what i thought really but its nice when it is confirmed by several sources. I hope everything goes to plan and we get our visa with no problems.

6th May 2017, 14:46
Visa was granted on 4th May and She can come to the UK on 1st June, so that's exactly what we will be doing, Flights are booked, parking is booked, holidays from work are booked, I'm so happy right now, the entire visa process went without a hitch, we did everything ourselves, with no need for a visa agency, I am so proud of my lovely Amm, and I really cant wait to go back to Bangkok to meet the rest of her family then bring her home for our new life together.

Thanks to everyone that has helped along the way, their was a lot of useful advice i read on here and it helped us a lot with our own application, and i'm sure in the future that i will need to read about the FLR but for now everything is just perfect.

Thanks again...........