View Full Version : Some one lost my marraige certificate

3rd Mar 2017, 22:01
hi in between my wife getting her visa and stamped we have come across that someone has either not returned our marriage translation ,could any one please advise best and cheapest service to use for translation in the uk ,only have the certifacate with the flower design around the sides or fancy pattern my translation has vanished ,

1st Apr 2017, 00:01
ok have both forms in thail but the english translation has been lost some where ??any one know were i can get this translated in uk for FLR a bit dissopointed with help at the moment its not a closed shop you know help

1st Apr 2017, 02:32
This is the company I used a few months ago for my wife's FLR to translate a Thai birth certificate.


Gary & Nok
1st Apr 2017, 12:22
...a bit dissopointed with help at the moment its not a closed shop you know helpNo, it's not a closed shop BUT it is a site that has FREE help.

Help that comes as and when people have the time to login and read the threads.

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with this FREE help :whistle:

1st Apr 2017, 12:39
Be careful with the original documents because as far as I know, they can never be replaced.

1st Apr 2017, 13:51
Said tongue in cheek but perhaps be easier to go and get divorced where you married and then remarry straightaway..
PS..When we got married my wife left the certificate in the van in Hua Hin ..en route to Pranburi..Luckily the driver handed it into the Pranburi office..

1st Apr 2017, 13:56
I used http://home.btconnect.com/thaiconsulting/ recently.

I found them by searching on here, the help's here if you look for it.

Big AL
3rd Apr 2017, 19:36
If the translation needs to be certified, this can be done at the Consulate in Hull.

5th Apr 2017, 22:21
thanks will try a couple of them