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Mr Sploodge
22nd May 2017, 09:56
What a ballache!

Anyway :) .. Since I am paperless for banking I have ordered old bank statements from May last year to Jan this year ( all I could get as anything beyond could not be ordered, bloody LLoyds Bank! ).

Now for the rest of the bank statements I have had the bank print them ( says on first page printed in branch ) but I will also try to get them stamped if the bank will.

My question is, between ordered bank statements and bank printed ones, I will have statements up to today ( 22nd May ) and we have an in-person application on June 5th so within the 28 day period validity..
A question I have is, I will have a payslip from the end of this month ( May ) that will NOT be reflected in my bank statements as the monies will go in the last day of this month..

Will this be an issue? I just cannot get a statement that will show it ( other then self printed that is not acceptable )..

Any help appreciated..

22nd May 2017, 11:18
Just explain it in your sponsor letter.

Santander was very helpful. I printed all of the statements myself, stapled each month together and the bank just stamped the first page of each month. Or you can print yourself and get a letter from the bank stating they are authentic.

22nd May 2017, 18:11
I seem to think downloaded ones are acceptable as long as you get Lloyds to stamp them..They have the Lloyds logo on..