View Full Version : FLRm - P60 required?

Mr Sploodge
30th May 2017, 16:34
Just getting to the end of putting this application together ( finally managed to get a combination or posted bank statements and branch printed/stamped ones )..

I have proper payslips from work as HR could print them on the proper payslip sage forms ( we normally get electronic ones ). But in the case of P60's, since 2015 we only get digital ones and HR don't have the proper sheets from inland revenue to print them anymore.

Is it required to have P60 and if so, will printed ones signed by out HR Officer as well as a letter stating they are genuine suffice?

Got out in-person application submission on Monday so trying to get it all finalised..

Thanks in advance for any help..

30th May 2017, 17:16
Yes printed P60s will suffice if presented as you state ..because when it comes down to it all P60s are printed.. I would imagine a P60 is good evidence you are meeting the financial requirement.

Mr Sploodge
30th May 2017, 17:22
Thank you..

I have had my HR Officer write a letter confirming they are genuine and also write and sign to the fact on each..

Combined with all the payslips/bank statements this will hopefully satisfy them..

Thanks again for the reply..

31st May 2017, 10:28
When the time comes to fill in Settlement forms and other similar ones confident people lose all confidence and become nervous wrecks...well I do anyway..