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27th Nov 2017, 20:44
My wife raised an interesting problem this evening. Her ILR is due to expire in 2022 what happens then. She cannot read enough English to get a British passport so that's out.
Has anybody been there, done that so to speak.

28th Nov 2017, 09:12
I did not know ILR ever ran out?...And if it does expire then surely in 5 years her written and spoken English will improve?

28th Nov 2017, 18:22
I did not know ILR ever ran out?

Two years outside the UK without returning could cause Persons holding ILR to loose their ILR status....

28th Nov 2017, 19:42
Yes..but the writer has stated his wife's ILR visa is due to run out in 2022.ILR visas do not run out but they can be revoked as you correctly state.

28th Nov 2017, 20:11
Thanks to you both, her spoken English has improved since I met her 13 years ago but she cannot grasp the written word and as we planned on living in Thailand by now it wasn't important. But things haven't gone to plan so we are here in England for a little longer hence the problem

28th Nov 2017, 20:37
How do you know that it will expire on that date? I have just checked my Wife's ILR and there is no expiry date on the certificate!

Tony & Lek
28th Nov 2017, 21:58
Normally they put the date the passport expires. This does not mean ILR expires.

30th Nov 2017, 17:19
Thanks for all your replies it states VALID until, which means her ILR, 12-11-2022 issued Nov 2012 Type of permit Settlement
Remarks Indefinite Leave to Remain and on the back is the expire date again. So it does look like it finishes in 2022
Looking forward to more information. Thanks

Big AL
30th Nov 2017, 19:58
Strange. How can "indefinite" leave to remain expire?

1st Dec 2017, 19:33
It definatley expires. If you look at another thread running Schengen Visa for Spain several posters mention expire dates and the other thing mentioned not all ILR cards are the same some mention family member which has different meanings toours

2nd Dec 2017, 23:00
Once ILR has been granted that is it, the holder is considered a permanent resident. It will only be revoked if the holder is deported (because of criminal activity) or if the holder has remained outside the UK for a continuous period of 2 years or more.

There is no obligation to apply for naturalisation as British.