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24th Sep 2008, 03:42
Bangkok, last week:

We arrived at VFS over an hour early for Thaiboi's appointment and decided to go in anyway rather than wander around aimlessly outside. Luckily, they weren't busy and he was accepted straight away while I waited outside. Five minutes later he came back out because they were looking for our photos "to show we're together". I'd been teaching the security guards outside how to pronounce "do you have your cashiers cheque", so when I asked them if I could go in to explain our appliation, they were happy let me through.

The girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful, but seemed genuinely disappointed that there wasn't a mountain of paperwork and hundereds of photos inside our folder. Also, she wasn't satisfied with just the copy of my passport's photo page and asked me to photocopy the entire thing, including the page with my Thailand entry and exit stamps. I wandered over to the photocoping service area in the corner where they charged me three bahts per page. Bah!

When I returned to the counter she was asking for more and more paperwork that we didn't have. She clearly hadn't read the cover letter explaining everything, so I explained that the application was being made under EU law rather than UK law and all the Embassy really needed were our passports, civil partnership certificate and my proof of employment. Everything else: the documents showing we'd been living together for two and a half years, our lease agreement and other bits and bobs weren't really required, but included anyway. She commented that it was up to me if I didn't want to give her any photos! I said that I didn't think they were expecting any and that the application would be just fine without them. She was sort of happy with that and said that we should expect to wait a month for a decision. I said we'd see her in five days! :lol:

Thaiboi then went off to get fingerprinted and biometricked while I sat in the waiting room. A few minutes later he was all done and we headed back to the hotel. He spent the entire journey bitching about the photo they took because he wasn't even asked to look at the camera. The guy who took the photo didn't seem to pay much attention, or even care about what he was doing. He just pushed a few buttons and that was it. So Thaiboi couldn't possible have looked his best in the photo! :shrug:

As soon as we got back to our hotel room his mobile phone started ringing. It was VFS. They'd been calling constantly since we left. They needed Thaiboi to go back. They'd screwed up the fingerprints and the photo! When the call ended, Thaiboi noticed he had 15 missed calls from them, laughed, and headed back to the Skytrain. I was glad we'd got there an hour early in the first place. He made it back just before they closed for the afternoon. They were very apologetic and took great care to do everything properly second time round.

Bangkok, a few days later:

VFS phoned Thaiboi to say his passport was ready for collection. He asks if his application has been granted. They say it's inside a sealed envelope and they don't know. I bet it has, though. We head to VFS and he goes inside the centre and reappears a few minutes later with the sealed envelope. Looking slightly like a contestant on a television game show, he rips open the envelope, takes out his passport and flicks through the pages until he gets to the one containing his new visa. It was granted. Yippee! The photo on the visa is not the one they took, it's the one we submitted with the application. So I guess we'll never know if he looked his best.

Thanks to everyone who answered all my questions relating to the application. :thumb:

24th Sep 2008, 03:50
Nice read and Congratulations!

24th Sep 2008, 03:50
Well, there's a surprise ... ... ;) :thumb:

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24th Sep 2008, 07:50
Well done....it feels really good to celebrate success....lots of happiness to you both....!!!!

24th Sep 2008, 12:10
Congrats from us too :thumb:
colin 244 & Dao

25th Sep 2008, 06:20
Well done Cliff & Thaiboy.