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8th Dec 2007, 03:37
I would like to purchase a new camera but have little or no knowledge. Have looked on different web sites but they all want to sell their particular brand.
I have been looking at a Fuji F50fd but am not sure if this would be the best buy its a small compact digital. Could anyone with photographic knowledge advise please.

8th Dec 2007, 04:01
Hi Bilbo,

Firstly you need to decide on the style of camera such as a simple point and shoot or an SLR. Then set your budget an this will give you your options.

We have both types. The wife has a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3EB-K (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000QIMPQI) and I have a Canon 400D (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000IKVOE8)

I have used links with Jon Lewis as a guide. Prices can vary so search about. There are plus and minus points to each.

Aim for as a high pixel count as posible. Most cameras now a days are averaging 5 to 8 Mega pixels. Also a good zoom helps. Do not be lead astray by the digital zoom, be led by the optical zoom which gives a far better representation of the picture and is not 'digitally enhanced' to fill in detail.

So in theory the more pixels the more detail the picture can hold and the prints can be bigger too.

Point & shoots are easy to carry about and simple to use. Most good brands are more of less the same. SLR are more complicated but once you understand them the offer much more than the point & shoot, as the lenses can be changed to help produce much better shots. They are also far better in low light conditions (again the lens helps here) which is as far as I can see the only down side to the digital format.

So decide which direction you want to go and what the budget is and you are mre or less there.

Hope this is of some help.


Mark W
8th Dec 2007, 04:08
Originally posted by bilbo:
I would like to purchase a new camera but have little or no knowledge. Have looked on different web sites but they all want to sell their particular brand.
I have been looking at a Fuji F50fd but am not sure if this would be the best buy its a small compact digital. Could anyone with photographic knowledge advise please.

I bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago and looked at the Fuji F50fd (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000UUJGW8) but the previous model F40fd (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000O57OWI) was for sale on Amazon for £110 so I snapped it up. I've got to say I'm very impressed with the face detection software and the range of ISO setting means you can take a picture in virtually the dark without the flash and it comes out really well and the colours are great. It's 8.3 mega pixels which is plenty unless your going to blow then up to poster size.

As Ally says above it depends on what you want it for. I wanted a point and shoot that I can carry about in my pocket to take pictures when I'm out and about at night. The F40fd fitted the bill perfectly.

I've just seen the F50fd (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000UUJGW8) is only £143 on Amazon at the moment which is a good price.

8th Dec 2007, 05:27
I have just bought a new camera (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000UP6RXO), and I am very happy with it. I miss the 'put it in your pocket' feature of the compacts but I like the control I have back over taking photos, and it still has point and shoot if you want it.
The user manual is a veritable tome though and difficult to understand.

8th Dec 2007, 05:55

We got a Canon SD900, review here (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canonsd900/).

Very quick startup to ready for picture time, very compact and durable (titanium casing), good battery life and easy to use. So good in fact that we ended up getting 2.

8th Dec 2007, 08:24
issues for me have been easy to use menu, something compact that does not look like a target for low life thieves, and most of all decent battery life, a sony perhaps, but then again you need to carry the charger with you.

8th Dec 2007, 08:55
most of all decent battery life

From that point of view it could be worth considering a camera that takes standard size rechargeable batteries, then if the battery does die on you you have the option to buy some standard batteries somewhere. That said the standard batteries probably won't last so long and just carrying a spare lithium-ion battery would seem a better bet, although they can be expensive.

ian allcock
8th Dec 2007, 09:30
Watch this thread and see what develops :lol:

Sorry couldn't resist.


8th Dec 2007, 11:42
I would say that optical quality is more important than Mega Pixels (MP) - don't go to Tesco and buy a Tonkinka 8MP camera and think it will give you amazing optical quality. Look for a camera which has a wide angle zoom (about 28mm) as this is a useful feature. Also, quick response, good battery life and decent sized preview screen are also important IMHO.

If you're going to print a lot of your shots, then as a guidance, a 4x6" photo requires about 2 MP. When you use 8 MP, you're basically using up more of your memory card and then more hard disk on your computer, especially if you only ever view your shots on screen. And then when you come to email pictures to friends, you'll have to downsize them by even more.

It's not all about Mega Pizels - there's a Nikon professional dSLR which is 4MP and costs £2500 (and that doesn't include a lens!).

See the Mega Pixel myth (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.htm)

Happy snapping.


8th Dec 2007, 17:44
Totally agree with packpao re the myth surrounding megapixels. 6 megapixels is plenty for most common usage (printing up to 10x8 with ease) cramming more and more megapixels into the same size sensor just creates more problems with digital noise and artifacts being more of a problem.

Some people like the extra pixels to make cropping the photo easier but decent optics (lens) always makes the biggest difference.

8th Dec 2007, 23:45
One other important point is that a camera in the pocket when you need it beats the expensive camera left at home. I have a water proof pentax and a Canon EOS digital SLR. The canon has the better optics but the Pentax gets the best pictures because its very small and it doe not mind getting wet.


9th Dec 2007, 02:53
To be honest most cameras which are well known brands are good nowadays. Stick to your pentax, canon, kodak, fuji, panasonic and your be fine.

The fuji you mentioned is a good camera and is an update to the Fuji F40 which one every award going for a few years. It has manual controls and I have not looked at the F50 you mention but I guess its the same. Most compact cameras have a number of controls build into easy menus making it easy to take photos. If you a bit more creative the manual controls will let you select speed and aperature.

I used to have a pentax optio s5i which was a fantastic camera. I dropped it and was gutted as the lens got stuck out but I had taken over 4000 photos with it. The 5 in S5i means 5 megapixels. I wanted to get the same but could not so I got the S7i. Same camera basically with 7mp. Well the pictures were dreadful and this is all down to more megapixels and the same size sensor which creates more noise and washy pictures so that went back. This is in line with what is mentoned above - ie megapixels is not everything.

I carry around now a Casio S770 (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000HDXH78) camera which is small and has perfect quality but there are other canmeras out there that are better. Now my best purchase of last year was when i bought a Fuji Finepix 5600 (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000PH5IWI). Now this is an amazing camera which I picked up for £112 from argos. It is fantastic. Its one of those cameras in between a compant and a full DSLR. I was sceptical at first but quality is amazing, size feels right in your hand and controls plus 10 x optical zoom is great. I really would recommend one of these in addition to a compact. They have updated the model now to the S5700 and this can be got for just over £100 too.


9th Dec 2007, 07:57
i got nice japanese version of a canon in bkk in march. hope it doesnt break though as the warranty is only valid in japan. was a good buy, so didnt mind taking the risk

9th Dec 2007, 08:10
Thanks guys.
I think as Ash says a camera that fits into your pocket is what I'm after and easy to use the Fuji f50fd is very small and has 12 mp not that I will be blowing pictures up that large but you never know.I also looked at a Panosonic because it had a Leica lens but it was a bit more complicated to use.
The menu on the fuji only takes a minimum amount of intelligence to understand.

9th Dec 2007, 16:19
Anybody got any strong opinions on Samsung cameras? They are doing 'Magic Monday' deals with Amazon this month and tomorrow's is 'buy any Samsung camera and get a S600 free', supposedly worth £100, Amazon US has it at $100. Thought it might make a decent (and cheap!) Xmas pressie for one of the boys as I'm thinking of buying a new camera (my current one is now matched by my new (free) phone!) anyway.

I quite fancy the NV5, 7 Mp, 7x optical zoom, for £100, or might just buy one with a similar spec to the freebie for £50 and give the lads one each.

Any thoughts?

9th Dec 2007, 16:45
try this site.... i get a lot of good consumer reviews off here. just ignore the bad ones posted by people who don't know what they are talking about


10th Dec 2007, 15:01
If your stuck for choice a decent manufacturers guarantee might be useful. But why bother ??
Judging by the kings 80th last year in the park most thai use their flip phones, as well as holding the orange candles. :cool:

11th Dec 2007, 02:45
I have the Fuji F31fd and am very pleased with it's performance. Slips in the pocket easily and has exceptional battery life. Battery charges in the camera so no separate charger to lug around, other than the plug adapter.

Only criticism is that the software is not quite as good as the Canon that I also have.

Look around for deals on a decent sized memory card.

12th Dec 2007, 16:48
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3EB-K (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000QIMPQI)

Bought one of those for the wife a couple of months ago, all she takes are photos of food she has cooked.......

13th Dec 2007, 02:42
does it come with papaya recognition built in?

13th Dec 2007, 03:28
all she takes are photos of food she has cooked

We used to use a pinhole camera made from an OXO cube box that would have done that.

The Canon Camera I mentioned has the face recognition, looks like the movies where the targeting box or boxes lock onto the targets and move as they move. Also easy to use interface and excellent quality. Aom didn't need to show me how to use it ;)

13th Dec 2007, 06:29
Yeah Ian, I bought a canon one like that too. None of this touch screen nonsense where your fingers are forever pressing the wrong options. I love the design of the sony ones but prefer the canon ones for ease of use and image quality. I am no expert though.

I have the canon IXUS 900 ti and its excellent both for battery life. speed of operation and image quality.

Canon IXUS 900 Ti Digital Camera (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000IMD246)

Touch screens do not agree with me even though I have small fingers. I test drove the new iphone in the shop and found I could not send sms very easy as the onscreen keyboard was forever hitting wrong keys. Middlesbrough came out as Middkrdxnroifg

4th Mar 2008, 17:15
Buy at Pantip Plaza. A friend bough a 7+ mega pixel olympus, with a cleaning kit, memory card and photo printer for just over £50, she was thrilled and it helped pay for her trip over.

N Barton
9th Mar 2008, 13:21
moving away from camera recommendations, has anyone any views on camcorders. thinking of buying one for our trip to LOS in april. to be honest i dont know if i would use it other than in LOS so iam not 100% set on the idea, but i do think that there are occasions, events, moments that stills just dont capture. i am a big fan of sony and have looked at the versions with built in hard drive eg 30 gig, rather than the burn direct onto dvd as i would like to edit before burning. any thoughts !!!

Yo & Dave
25th Mar 2008, 05:20
Well I would say don’t spend too much, I purchased a top of the range model and very rarely used it, prefer pocket digital camera less hassle to carry, whatever you chose try this web site.
http://www.cameras2u.com/?tduid=c2c60706c0bca5305ce4fc0...//www.cameras2u.com/ (http://www.cameras2u.com/?tduid=c2c60706c0bca5305ce4fc05619fc6cc&url=http://www.cameras2u.com/)

25th Mar 2008, 10:53
I ended up buying a Fuji f50fd (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B000UUJGW8) and the Quality and ease of use is amazing it takes great movies and fits in ya pocket. Like most other people if the camera is a burden to carry it will see little or no use but I have found with the Fuji I have taken more pictures and movies than with any other camera that I have owned.A great buy very pleased.

25th Mar 2008, 14:52
Sorry if this is a bit late, but www.cameras.co.uk (http://www.cameras.co.uk) has superb and thorough reviews on just about all digitial cameras, plus some good suggestions on what to get at what price.


20th Apr 2008, 11:10
Another, even later post ...

take a look at www.steves-digicams.com (http://www.steves-digicams.com)

this site does nothing but review digital cameras, with comprehensive reports, sample photos, and a 'best buy' list for each type of camera.

Also food for thought - note the USA prices, they are in the region of dollars for pounds. Even after shipping, and paying VAT, you can save upwards of 25% on the UK price. I've bought and shipped several cameras from Tri State Camera (blatant plug) in New York over the years, and never had any problems.

23rd Apr 2008, 11:24
For what its worth I have just bought an Olympus Stylus 1030SW (http://thailand-uk.com/amazon/B0012ESMHG). Which you can drop from 6 feet, stand on and take under water without any additional case or fuss. Its only thin and the menu system is great, as is the software supplied.
Example. Want to take a pic of a face by candle light or fireworks, or underwater; simply select the appropriate picture from the menu and the camera does the rest, the results are great.
The software allows you to for example, put a title on a picture by typing in a box and then choosing a colour, then placing the text. Example "Happy Birthday" and then print it out. it even has programs for taking pics for use on HD TV's and Ebay. Highly recommended. Bought mine from Dixons online.