View Full Version : Heinz Thai Beans - The Verdict

19th Aug 2006, 03:45
Heniz have jumped on the Thai tuk-tuk and introduced Thai-style beans.

19th Aug 2006, 03:45
Heniz have jumped on the Thai tuk-tuk and introduced Thai-style beans.

19th Aug 2006, 03:48
Cliff, what exactly is 'Thai' about them?

19th Aug 2006, 03:52
Um, red Thai seasoning and lemon grass. But they're a mean son of a bean, according to the label. Oh, and you can spice up your meal times with them, apparently. Thaiboi reckons they're disgusting - too sweet. We've granted Heniz Thai Beans indefinite leave to remain...on the supermarket shelf! :lol:

19th Aug 2006, 03:57
I'm not a beanz eater myself - if I did eat them, then I would never be allowed in the house! :eek: :blush:

19th Aug 2006, 05:17
What a vile and disgusting idea Heinz have had, nearly as bad as those awful all day breakfasts in a tin http://thailand-uk.com/groupee_files/graemlins/puke.gif

19th Aug 2006, 14:46
Saw them in Asda today on special offer but didn't buy any!
colin 244

20th Aug 2006, 08:41
I bought a tin to show the wife, I havn't had the courage to eat them yet !

20th Aug 2006, 10:26
A great idea!!! Fartastic!!!!
I'd call them Thaifoon

8th Sep 2006, 14:39
Those beans are vile! Whats wrong with standard beans and a good splash of Lea & Perrins or NamPik Si Ratcha? The Mexican and Jalfrezi versions will be staying on the shelves too!
NamPik Si Ratcha is great on warm toast.

8th Sep 2006, 21:54
or chili concarni (spelling) the extreamly hot one well its got beans in it :shrug:

21st Sep 2006, 14:12
Aroy mak mak

22nd Sep 2006, 09:51
Do you think we'll soon get Thai fried eggs and Thai toast and Thai brown sauce to go with them? :nod:

Steve J
26th Sep 2006, 14:15
Hi gang,

Well i brought,i consumed,i regreted! :(

Sairung tried one bean and said "not bad" but wouldn't eat any more.
Perhaps i have had my taste buds spoilt by the wife cooking Thai food for me,but I found the beans pretty unappealing.

Steve & Sairung

26th Sep 2006, 15:22
Well i brought,i consumed,i regreted!

I I don't know - I tried them too and thought they were ok, different, but ok.


27th Sep 2006, 06:44
Verdict From Skippy - not all that bad - for a change of flavour of beans.

BUt in usual British Style - they are that hot - as far as "Mean Beans" could be!

Trying Sweet Chilli next week - as that had a 2 Bean rating on the "hot" scale.

For the record - the wife and daughter would even try them - for 2 reasons apparently
1. Hey don't understand this country obsession with Baked Beans

2. Basically when it s says Thai over here - it just marketing apparently

- ha ha


27th Sep 2006, 08:09
Now Dao's here I may try them for her opinion but she already eats normal beans and to my surprise every type of farang food she comes across or I have had

Favorites so far :-

Pot Noodles (Spicy Chilli) and adds more crushed Chillis
Hot Pig Sandwich (Bacon)
English Salad
Shepherds Pie
Chicken of all types

We had a ready cooked chicken last night and she carefully saved the legs for breakfast today to eat whilst experimenting with the Washing Machine but at 11.00am I got a call to say next doors cat had come through the window and stolen one! but "don't worry darling I boxed it" The cat I presumed :D
colin 244