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paul gilleade
15th Apr 2009, 08:23
Can anyone suggest a shop in Lancashire, or North West where Thai jewellery can be bought.

I am not after coins, more like a bracelet or necklace

any ideas?

15th Apr 2009, 12:39
i think they is a internet site that sells thai gold.otherwise get it in thailand from someone you know then bring back for you

16th Apr 2009, 01:27
There are a few very overpriced websites http://www.thaigoldjewelry.com/ shipping thai gold products above market price but as the previous poster mentioned best way and best price is to have someone (Family or friend) buy locally in Thailand and send over. Or do as I do and promise your wife that you'll buy a piece when you are next over for a holiday. Ha....


16th Apr 2009, 05:29

If you are interested then I have one similar to this one (http://www.thaigoldjewelry.com/thaibahtgoldchains1001.html). PM me if you want to discuss further.

16th Apr 2009, 06:32
There are a few very overpriced websites Yes, nearly ฿24,000 for 1 baht of gold + delivery !! :eek:

.. then, on top of that, there'll be import duty and VAT to pay when FedEx knock on your door.

Almost cheaper to fly to LOS yourself and buy one. :crazy: ;)

16th Apr 2009, 07:12
that is a lot to pay 24,000 baht plus cost.i would take the friend or visit way.not go down the expensive way

David Davies
16th Apr 2009, 08:19
Looked in a gold shop today in Khon Kaen and the price has gone down to 15,000B per Baht of gold , that is a good profit at 24,000!

16th Apr 2009, 08:54
Yep, I had 1 baht of Gold valued here in Coventry at scrap price and it worked out the value was £314 which would be the value of worked gold in Thailand at ~15,000 baht. The 24,000baht obviously includes farang tax ;)

16th Apr 2009, 12:25
just look up bangkokpost online.they give the gold price daily plue exchange rates too.current price is 15.000baht for 1 baht

paul gilleade
16th Apr 2009, 14:16
Thanks everyone for your advice

I am surprised that you cannot seem to buy thai gold from a UK shop especially when there are other "asian" shops that sell their national jewellery

I am trying to sort out a trip to LOS, but with all that has been happening in BKK it may be a little time, until atleast the situation has remained calm for a while

Thans once again


16th Apr 2009, 14:57

I think one reason is there is no hallmark on Thai gold and it has to be hallmarked to sell here.

16th Apr 2009, 21:47
And also Iam B i ask a shop once in england, he said that thai gold is to soft. His words not mind.

17th Apr 2009, 02:31
Thai gold prices daily online:


17th Apr 2009, 02:43
It is quite common for Thai ladies to buy and sell gold from each other. (Even more common to win or lose gold when playing cards . . .). Therefore if you put the word out among Thai friends you might have some luck.

Thai gold being too soft is a poor excuse for the low quality of most gold in the UK! But I think there are serious tax and hallmarking reasons why Thai gold is not sold here.