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12th Sep 2008, 06:35
My folks are asking me what to say in a letter offering the use of their apartment whilst in the UK.

How should it be worded. Below is what they have said but it sounds too informal.


Your Mum and I are delighted to hear that you intend to take up a teaching course next year at

We are looking forward to seeing you both again.

You and May are more than welcome to live in our xxxx apartment while you are staying in the UK. It should be reasonably convenient for you to commute to xxxx for your classes while not being too far away from our home so that we can see each other regularly.

You have both stayed in it during your last visit to the UK and hopefully you will find it OK for a longer stay.

Look forward to hearing from you,

With all our love,

Is this ok or too vague?


Noi & Nick
12th Sep 2008, 07:07
An informal letter such as this wont hurt an application, but I would strongly suggest a more formal one as well.

My suggestion, assuming that they own the property, -

To Whom It May Concern.

Re visa application by Mrs (full name).

This is to confirm that we are the owners of (address), a property comprising (list number and type of each room).

We are offering the use of the above property to our son (name) and daughter-in-law (name) upon their arrival in the UK rent-free until such time as they are in a position to find their own accommodation.

We also confirm that the property is currently unoccupied.

Yours faithfully,

If it is not unoccupied and you will be sharing the property with others then the above should be amended accordingly to say who else is living there and that there will be at least one room for you and your wife's exclusive use.