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8th Jan 2007, 00:27
Anyone any pointers on a flight, hong kong to Bkk, middle of Feb?

Due to the lack of decent offers at the minute for Feb,im looking at trying oasis to HONG kong, with a day or to before flying on to bkk, although i am going off the idea as a flight with Thai on their website is 200 knicker +.

Anyone flown recently to bkk from H/Kong?

8th Jan 2007, 00:48
http://www.kayak.co.uk/s/kayaksearch.jsp?tab=flights&de...+Kong&origin=Bangkok (http://www.kayak.co.uk/s/kayaksearch.jsp?tab=flights&destination=Hong+Kong&origin=Bangkok)

Air India £112

Emirates £133

8th Jan 2007, 02:40
You could check Cathy, Gulf and China airlines as well, all have daily flights or multiples.
You could also travel to Phuket on Dragonair from HKG.
If your staying in HKG then I can recommend the Kimberley hotel in Kowloon.

8th Jan 2007, 02:56
Bangkok Airways direct HKG to Koh Samui. not sure of the price though!!

Also agree with Antlers, look at Cathay they have some good prices to BKK.



8th Jan 2007, 03:59
Don't forget to check out KL to Bangkok - it used ( about 5 years agao) to be about an hour flight CODEshare with Malaysia/Thai.

But I am sure there are more low cost airline alternatives now...


8th Jan 2007, 04:25
Get the ferry to macau and use air asia, the hong kong and macau tourist offices speak very good english and are extremely helpful, Public transport on both sides of the bay is excellent. you will need time for the ferry transfer a phone call is worth while, the offices in london are useless. Its a lot of fun if your travelling light.

8th Jan 2007, 05:33
if u don't want to stay in hk, then it's possible to take a ferry to macau from airside of hong kong airport (to do this, u must not go through immigration). buy the tickets at the turbojet sea express counter for hk$ 180 (£12). for the oasis flights that are scheduled to arrive at 1540, the most convenient ferry leaves at 1800.

http://www.turbojetseaexpress.com.hk/e/sailing_schedule..._schedule_fare_table (http://www.turbojetseaexpress.com.hk/e/sailing_schedule_fare_table.asp?vname=sailing_schedule_fare_table)

ian. :)

8th Jan 2007, 06:15
If you are staying in macau get a hotel in the shopping area rather than the downtown area which is dominated by skyscaper casinos(unless of course you like that sort of thing). If you use Macau airport you can play a game called spot the passenger ?????? its not exactly overused. They still use portugese on the road signs( strange place). Hotels in China work on high prices and then apply discounts, it can seem a little strange. Pre book hotels on either side or find an agency and haggle. I had a short stay last November travelling the other way and went through China and into Laos onwards to LOS.

8th Jan 2007, 15:57
Using Oasis to Hong Kong, I would get a taxi to Shenzhen (£15) (Pronounced; Sum Jim)Stay overnight in hotel (£30.00 4/5*)and then go to Guangzhou Int airport to fly to LOS. Many more flights to choose from and 30% cheaper than flying from HK to BKK. So the money you save gets transport and hotels. Lets you see Mainland China albeit for a couple of days. Shopping in Shenzhen is :D
Problem; you need a visa :bah: but this is easily obtained. We flew from Guangzhou about a month ago to BKK on Thai B/Class. (circa £325.00). I believe economy is about £170.00; maybe cheaper on China Eastern. China airlines only go to HK and you would need to change in Taiwan :eek:
The 'mainland' do not allow CA flights.

11th Jan 2007, 11:07
hi ian

i’ve never tried taking a taxi from hk to shenzhen. are u sure it costs only £15 (hk$ 230, roughly the same price as the airport to tsuen wan, the nearest mtr station in urban hk)? what happens at the border? do u have to change to a shenzhen taxi?

i think if anyone flies via guangzhou, then it’ll be to see mainland china and not to save money because economy fares are normally more expensive from guangzhou (i wish it wasn’t the case because i go every year)! flights from hk to bkk are showing up as £121 return on emirates (see www.opodo.co.uk (http://www.opodo.co.uk)) just now.

a much more expensive option is hk to samui on bangkok airways; there is only one daily flight and demand is often very heavy on this route.

ian. :)