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14th Oct 2008, 13:28
Ordered some flowers for the GF birthday last week via the above for delivery in a village 'about 8km away from Surin'. Call me sceptical but my expectations of delivery were low. I was proved wrong, delivered on the right day, to the right village and to the right person at 12.15pm ( I requested afternoon delivery). I also got a soo-ay mahk mahk from the GF. Nice work Forever Florist (http://thailand-uk.com/florist/). I'm in LOS next week so that's when I'll be visiting the Gold shop.

15th Oct 2008, 02:40
I've used them 4 times.

3 times they were excellent.


15th Oct 2008, 07:43
Forgive me for asking TopCat but how much did it cost ?? Bet they wouldn't find a friend of mine out there :rolleyes:

16th Oct 2008, 05:56
About 50 US dollars on the credit card. All in including delivery. I say 50 dollars, I have not yet had the statement through. Had to phone her, to get exact location, so best to put a Thai mobile number for contact.