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Gary Turner
15th Oct 2008, 11:19
Dear All,
I would like(if possible) some of the advice confirming from my trawls through the forum.
I have known Apple for two years, next January will be trip number 7 including 1 trip to Burma and 2 trips to Laos together.
Apple owns her own land and home in Petchabun, until a couple of months ago she worked for "Big home" diy. They were prepared to write a letter keeping her job open when we applied for a V/V. I have an excellent job and position in life and I thought as long as I prepared docs correctly we stood an excellent chance of getting it 1st attempt. I have supported Apple financially on a number of occasions.
However Apple has left the diy shop and opened her own shop selling food and drink. I am not sure how this will now look on the application. The advice seems to be, be HONEST.
Sorry for long post it's that I've just hit the panic button !!!
Any comment swould be greatly received

15th Oct 2008, 13:36
Gary, its you who will have to provide most of the information to the VFS including bank details (6 months) where you live how long you have know each other photos emails details any money you have sent her, in fact every thing that you can think of, just be honest with them and do NOT lie.

Good luck.

15th Oct 2008, 16:49
also the fact she has her own shop shows that she has reason to come back so shud fare well with issuing a visa

16th Oct 2008, 07:56
I know that lack of property, job etc in Thailand is often given as a reason not to return. But lets face it; if a woman is going to do a runner in the UK the fact that she had a job at the seven eleven or such like is hardly going to weigh on her. ECO's know this and in my view thats why they focus on the nature and quality of your relationship. You will in my experience only ever see a lack of property or job given as a reason for refusal when the nature of the relationship is in doubt anyway. You are basically saying " she wont run off in the UK. I know her well our relationship is a strong one she would not endanger that to run off and do God knows what in the UK" Well you understand the sentiment you need to put across.


Gary Turner
16th Oct 2008, 10:38
Many thanks for your responses Gents. Some common sense spoken there, I just had one of those panic moments and was focusing in on the employment part.
I can certainly demonstrate that our relationship is very genuine......It's two years tomorrow since we met and only now are we looking at a V/V. Basically because Apple did not know me well enough and would not leave her son until he had left school, which says a lot about out her in my opinion.
Thanks again for helping during my "wobble" !