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aidan mcmahon
7th Mar 2009, 02:18
does anybody know an english teacher that could give 1 to 1 or group lessons to my wifes 13 year old cousin who is coming over to stay with us for 2 months on 13th of march we live in the bromley area of london cheers aidan

7th Mar 2009, 06:01
My name is Jeffrey Whitton and I have spent time teaching English in Thailand at all levels including students at Chulalongkorn University. I also have a good grasp of the Thai language and so immediately recognise the difficulties that Thai people encounter in speaking English. I currently work at home in Balham, South West London (close to Balham Mainline and underground station). If you would be interested in my teaching your wife’s cousin please let me know. She would need to come to my home but I would be able to be flexible over the time of lessons and the number required. My charge would be £20 per hour. Please let me know if you are interested. Please contact me by PM

Best wishes

Jeffrey Whitton M Mus BA LTCL LRSM

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7th Mar 2009, 13:16
She would need to come to my home but I would be able to be flexible over the time of lessons and the number required.

Why does she need to go to your home, why can't you go to their house ???

8th Mar 2009, 07:16
Thank you for making this point. I am always prepared to travel but unfortunately with the cost of transport (I do not own a car) and time involved I would need to increase the cost of lessons considerably. Jeffrey

aidan mcmahon
8th Mar 2009, 14:21
thanks jeffry but it would be a bit to far for him to travel regards aidan

8th Mar 2009, 14:48
No problem. If anyone else is interested in English tuition in the area of SW12 please contact me.


8th Mar 2009, 14:54
Jeff, I notice your qualifications are musical ones, what is your instrument(s)?

9th Mar 2009, 11:34
My qualifications are in musical composition and orchestration and music teaching (piano and clarinet). I also have an English teaching certificate which I obtained before teaching in Samut Prakan near Bangkok for 6 months. I taught English through music introducing students to songs from Old McDonald to Abba and Queen depending on the level. I currently write children's musicals and teach musical theatre to children and have also taught musical theatre to students at Chulalongkorn University to help them with their English.

12th Mar 2009, 06:48
I live in Bromley, and have taught English in Thailand at secondary school level. Unfortunately I will be over in Thailand from 30th March to 17th April, but could possibly do something after that if that's not too late?

aidan mcmahon
12th Mar 2009, 11:16
hi there backintheuk we have a teacher lined up but the teacher herself said you had better get a plan b incase the cousin dosn't get on with her so if you could pm your name and telephone number cheers aidan