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31st Dec 2006, 05:38
Sky News have announced that 4 bombs have been detinated in BKK.

No more news as yet, early days. :(

31st Dec 2006, 05:38
Sky News have announced that 4 bombs have been detinated in BKK.

No more news as yet, early days. :(

31st Dec 2006, 05:49
From Bangkok post

A number of bombs or grenades have exploded in Bangkok early on New Year's Eve, wounding dozens of people in at least two places. At least three people were reported killed.

Early reports said there were six explosions in various parts of the capital. Two were reported near the Klong Toey market, and near the Victory Monument.

TV reports said there was a large explosive device in the Saphan Kwai area of Bangkok, where one person was reportedly killed. Unconfirmed reports telephoned to BangkokPost.com said there was a bombing at Seacon Square, the largest mall in Asia, in the east end of Bangkok. A fifth explosion was reported from Sukhumvit Soi 62, a major intersection with the capital's main expressway system.

"There was no warning. It is quite shocking. We've got at least one child very seriously injured in my area and others are injured," said Police Maj-Gen Anand Srisiran, chief of Metropolitan Police District Five.

Witnesses told police in some places that they saw people throwing what looked to be grenades shortly before they explosions.

New Year's Eve parties were just kicking off when the bombs began going off shortly after sundown at 6 p.m.

31st Dec 2006, 06:05
Report from The Nation (http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2006/12/31/headlines/headlines_30022985.php)

Seven Bombs Kill Three in Bangkok.

Seven explosives went off almost simultaneously in Bangkok, killing three and injuring at least 20 people, as the revellers were about to start celebrating the New Year's eve.

Two people were killed and 20 injured at the Victory Monument when a powerful bomb went off near a bus station at about 6.30 pm. The bomb ripped through the bus stops, shattered windows at the nearby restaurant and sending debris in all directions.

At least one person was killed near the Klong Toei area near the Na Ranong intersection, around the same time, a bomb hidden in a trash can near a Chinese spirit shrine exploded and injured three pedestrians. The explosion caused a secondary explosion to a number of cookinggas cylinders that were situated nearby.

One person was seriously injured near the Big C supermarket at the Sapan Kwai branch where witnesses saw a man dropped a grenade from a pedestrian bridge onto the police box. Residue of C4 and TNT were found at the scene, an iTV reporter said, quoting an unnamed military source.

At the Seacon Square Shopping Mall, a loud explosion went off at the parking space, creating a panic but no injury. Authorities ordered all shoppers, about 10,000 at the time, to evacuate the mall, one of Bangkok largest, and all shops to close down for business.

A police box at the entrance of Sukhumvit Road, Soi 62 was also hit with a bomb. No injury was reported.

Another police box was hit near the Khae Rai intersection in Nonthaburi province just north of Bangkok with a bomb but not injury reported said Police spokesman Pol General Ajiravid Subarnbhesaj said.

A bomb went off in the compound of the Tesco Lotus Supermarket at the Prachachuen branch.

Soldiers were dispatched to some of the sites where the bombs went off, while other major shopping complex, including the Central Chidlom and Siam Paragon department stores, closed its door earlier.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Wallop Suwandee, announced that all the events designated for the New Year's even countdown celebration have been cancelled.

Government's spokesman Yongyuth Malyalarp urged the public to remain calm, adding that police officers have been instructed to stay on high alert, including areas where high concentration of people are expected to take part in the New Year's count down.

"Police reinforcement have been sent to various areas in the city. We urged the public to remain calm, continue with the celebration but at the same time keep a look out for any irregularities," Yongyuth said.


31st Dec 2006, 06:06

31st Dec 2006, 06:24
Mol just called her sister to check if she was ok. Pat was in Seacon and heard the explosion there, there was a bit of panic but nothing too bad.

31st Dec 2006, 14:45
This could be the straw that broke the camels back as far as the tourist trade goes. I am in Thailand at the moment and my friend's brother has a bar in Koh Samui,he says " panic has set in with most people they are wondering where next".

31st Dec 2006, 14:48
Oh!!! by the way Happy New Year.It has arrived here already.

31st Dec 2006, 15:08
Originally posted by tuktik:
This could be the straw that broke the camels back as far as the tourist trade goes. I am in Thailand at the moment and my friend's brother has a bar in Koh Samui,he says " panic has set in with most people they are wondering where next".

Happy new year to you all!

The same question, "where next", is being asked the whole world over!

Living in London, its hardly a deterrant, well, KS is, but thats for other reasons!! ;)

Its always sad when lives are lost and others maimed in such situations. The UK has had enough of this in the last 40 odd years.

The trick, sadly, is not to apply logic to it, there isn't any. Thats the difficulty.

31st Dec 2006, 15:08
I cannot believe that this topic has had 167 views and only 6 comments,it beggars belief.
I suppose what name your wife uses is more of a hot topic.

31st Dec 2006, 15:08
I see from Reuters that 2 more bombs went off around midnight (Thai time).
Two of the later bombs exploded around midnight (5 p.m. British time) close to where the main countdown celebration had been due to take place before officials called it off. This is sure to put a dampener on Tourism to Thailand. They are blaming Thaksin supporters rather than Muslim separatists.

31st Dec 2006, 16:10
Latest from The nation. (http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2007/01/01/headlines/headlines_30023026.php)

Two more bombs explode at Central World, Pratunam.

Two more bombs exploded in the heart of Bangkok once the new year started, severely injuring many foreign tourists and some Thais.

The two bombs exploded nearly at the same time seconds after the new year started.

The first bomb exploded at the Best Sea Foods restaurant on the Saen Saeb Canal near the Pratunam Pier just seconds after the New Year countdown ended.

Three foreigners and two Thais were injured. One of the foreigners had one leg amputated by the blast. The foreign tourists were having dinner at the restaurant.

Police said the bomb was hidden in a bumper tire at the pier.

The second bomb exploded at a public telephone booth at the pedestrian flyover linking Central World and Kesorn Plaza. Several foreigners were injured and rushed to hospitals.

It was fortunately that the New Year countdown event at Central World was earlier cancelled by 8 pm and thousands of revellers had already dispersed but many were still wandering around.

Police had to ask tourists and revellers to try to leave the area as soon as possible for fear that there could be another bomb.

Police said the bomb near Central World might be planted shortly before it exploded as police earlier checked the area but did not find it.

There were rumours of bomb explosions in many areas throughout the night and objects suspected to be bombs were sighted in several areas.

A suspected bomb was located at the Buddy Bar on Khao Sarn Road about half an hour after midnight and tourists were evacuated from the area.

By 1 am, police also disposed another bomb at the Lumpini Night Bazaar before it explodes.


31st Dec 2006, 23:54
This could be the straw that broke the camels back as far as the tourist trade goes.

Well this is the advice from the FCO.

A number of bombs exploded in Bangkok on 31 December 2006. There is a possibility of further attacks in coming days. British Citizens are advised not to travel within Bangkok unless absolutely necessary, until further notice.

So if your in Bangers, lock yourself in your hotel room :cry:

Might be good for the £/Baht exchange rate tho :nod:

N Barton
1st Jan 2007, 02:12
i know polls can be very misleading, but i have been on the cnn webpage where their poll shows 45% would now reconsider any thoughts of going to Thailand. Very worrying for the tourist industry.
However, i think this is down to the bombings being fresh in the mind, plus the american tendancy to over react, a few months down the line i think very little affect on the tourists going out, certainly wont deter me.

Tuktik, this discussion has been held before. Whereas everyone is interested in what is happening in the country we have all came to love, not everyone is comfortable in joining discussion or feel their view is worthwhile. Leave Off !!!

1st Jan 2007, 03:30
For the very latest keep an eye this constantly updated newsfeed:

Bangkok Newsfeed (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/newsfeed/?search=bangkok)

1st Jan 2007, 05:08
According to the BBC two Brits were injured in the Bangkok bombings
Two Britons have been treated in hospital after being caught up in one of a series of bomb explosions to hit Bangkok, the Foreign Office has said.

The men, named as Alistair Graham, 48, and Paul Hewitt, 55, were treated for minor injuries and later discharged. It is not yet known where they are from. See Britons Injured in Bangkok Blasts (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6221773.stm)

2nd Jan 2007, 20:19
I know this won't put off the most hardened traveller and especially the people that have interests over here i.e visiting wifes family, work and holidays as well, but I think the casual tourist's will have second thoughts.
Mr Barton how can this discussion have been held before when the recent bombs had only just gone off?? and surely everybody's input has to be worthwhile, I think that is an insult to people's integrity. That is all I have to say on this now,don't want to get into slanging matches.Off to Koh Samui for a few days. Happy New Year. สวัสดีปีใหม่

2nd Jan 2007, 21:02
I was at Central Chitlom when I heard about the bombs. A few stall holders in the exhibition hall mentioned it to and were packing up. Mobile networks were conjested due to close proximity to Central World.

For me, the thing that scares me most is not knowing what is going on. We decided that it was best to get home and find out what was going on. New Years is never an easy time to get taxis but we got of the areas early which helped.

3 dead+30 injured is a small toll for 8 bombs in public places. It really could have been much worse.

Most Thai people I've spoken to aren't bothered.

Since yesterday, I've noticed there are lots of police around (those guys never seem to get a holiday) and also armed soldiers in front of government offices.

I feel very safe whereever I am in LOS mainly due to the time I've spent here. The new years bombs, combined with other recent factors, may well put off first time tourists though.

Of those I've spoken to here, many think that it's Mr T's friends responsible but then again, the state is still controling the media here. :shrug:


Some photos at BBC News Online (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/6221723.stm)