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6th Nov 2007, 04:50
As with Mike & Nat's request

Has anyone recently flown from London to Bangkok using Thai Airways ?

Last time I flew with them (a few years back now), they had no entertainment, and believed this was still the case, but they were looking to 'update' all of their fleet.

I'm more interested in the entertainment they have to offer, as to whether they have seat back tv's etc.

We usually fly out Emirates, but can get out Thai Airways for a change, and Nat wants to fly with them for a change, but only if we don't have to sit there for 12 hours with nothing to see or do.

Has anyone recently done the Bangkok run via Hong Kong or inddeed travel on Oasis Airways

any tips appreciated

Skippy and Family

Steve Shaw
6th Nov 2007, 05:21
I have flown on numerous occasions with Thai on the London-Bangkok-London flight. My last trip was at the start of October 2007. Their planes have not been renewedand are looking a bit tired and dated. The entertainment still leaves a lot to be desired. In economy there are very few screens and the music is dated and tiresome.

Having said all of the above the cabin crew were very pleasant, food excellant and the flights that I have taken have envariably been on time. I have always used Thai because of the convenience of the timing of the flights and the fact that it's direct. May give Etihad a try next year as I've heard their planes are new and the entertainment facilities are very good. Should only add a couple of hours to the journey and save me and my wife a few pounds too!

8th Nov 2007, 05:35
nobody flown Oasis then??

- Skippy

8th Nov 2007, 14:57

Not flown myself, but know of 2 people who have and they were astounded at the value, service and facilities. Was going to use them for next holiday, but as ever things cropped up.

Have seen that their prices have been increasing as time has gone on though, but still very good value.

We also considered going to Hong Kong Disney before going onwards to Thailand too. Have been warned though that if in Hong Kong for a Saturday or Sunday the hotel rates increase big time!

8th Nov 2007, 17:49
i flew oasis in february, but didn't go to thailand.

oasis has seat-back video, two zero-price standard meals, zero-price tea, coffee or water, blanket and hot towel.

i did experience three negatives outward: apart from the rather dismal food (dinner was congealed sweet and sour pork with overdone rice, while i had the fry-up for breakfast - avoid the rice porridge, unless u like plain khao tom with dry pieces of chicken breast that look like they'll taste like cardboard) and the rescheduled arrival time (1620 instead of 1540 when originally booked), since i was the last to check in, i had a non-reclining seat that backed on to a bulkhead (i think it was 45d), meaning that there wasn't much room when the seat in front was reclined. there was no-one in front of me at hk immigration.

more on the food: someone in the same row as i was ordered a paid-for special meal. because of this, he was given no dessert till he complained about it!

the return journey was much better. no queue at passport control because most of the planes flying overnight to europe had already departed. there is free internet at hk airport after passport control and plenty of room at the gate. there is a choice of about 20 films to watch on the seat-back tv, but i chose to sleep instead. two good hot meals: the evening snack was a cha siu (red roast pork) bun and breakfast was scrambled egg with sausage and tomato but, this being oasis, u get a roll with it!

touched down bang on time at gatwick at 0620, where immigration was really swift, helped by nearly all of the desks being manned (this is good management). the only queues were at marks & spencer to buy my lunch and at the railway ticket counter for my london travelcard season ticket, which i couldn’t do from the machines, and i was on my way to london bridge on the 0730 train, which was packed with commuters. to guarantee a seat on the train, u need to take the gatwick express, which goes to victoria, and is really expensive at that time of day.

ian. :)

9th Nov 2007, 07:00
Thanks Ian & Ian....

I was able to sort out with the Hong Kong based Travel agent tickets to Perth via Bangkok (a bit of a bonus really as we can split the time so have a few days in Thailand )

Will have to report how it all goes well

- Skippy