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20th Jan 2009, 11:52
Hi All

Wow Great forum. A mine of information...Spent the last 3 nights reading the various threads, Excellent Stuff!

To put you in the picture.....
I'm about to complete the VAF1A (General Visitor Visa) form in order to bring my Thai G/F over late March hopefully.

I am her sponsor. My plan is to copy out TWO VAF1A's.
I will fill in one of them, giving answers to all the parts that relate to me, including the questions about money etc.
I will post (this part filled in form) out to her along with ALL my supporting documentation, cover letter & Fee.

The second (blank) application form, she will be able to fill in herself by copying my details off the first form & then adding her own personal details.
Im guessing that the VAF guys will reject any form filled in using different handwriting!?

Ok so now my main questions....

Given that i would like to bring her here late March>> When should the completed application pack be submitted to the relevant Dept in Bkk?

Does she post it out to them or does she need to go & present it to them herself?

Then >> What happens from there. Do they notify her as to the next step or does she need to chase them up.

Finally at what point in the timescale of things would she need to go for Biometric scanning ??

Thanks in advance for you thoughts.

Robert 5000
21st Jan 2009, 09:34
It should take 4 working days for the visa to be processed,she may need to attend an interview as well which will add time. not sure about visitor visa but settlement visa can be followed online, she wont need IOM (biometric scan) for visitor visa
PS Avoid agencies, the visa is not guaranteed but a large bill is :-(

Noi & Nick
21st Jan 2009, 11:33
Originally posted by Robert 5000:
she wont need IOM (biometric scan) for visitor visa Yes she will; photo and fingerprints.

See Biometric (http://www.vfs-uk-th.com/biometrics.aspx).


The VAC recommends allowing 1 month for processing non-settlement applications. Having said that, just before Christmas my sister-in-law handed her application in on Monday morning and was told her passport was ready for collection on Tuesday afternoon! It depends on the quality of the paperwork and how busy the visa section is.

She needs to present her supporting documents in person and at the same time her biometrics will be taken.

No need to complete two forms. You can fill in the application online and at the same time make an appointment for her to hand her supporting documents and have her photo and fingerprints taken.

If you do decide to complete it by hand then she does not make an appointment with the VAC but simply turns up and joins the queue. How long this queue will be is impossible to say. She may have to wait a few minutes, all day or anywhere in between!

I also think there is no need to complete two forms. When we applied for my stepson's visit visa I completed my bit and he did his. In my sponsor’s letter I explained that we had done this and why. However, that was 5 years ago and things may have changed. For my sister-in-law I completed it all and sent it to her to sign.

She will be able to check the progress of her application online, although it will only say that it is still at the embassy or has been returned to the VAC and is awaiting collection. She can also ask to be texted when it is ready for collection from the VAC. If an interview is required she will contacted directly.

21st Jan 2009, 13:01
Noi & Nick....
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply in such detail. It helps me a lot. I will print your post out & use it for reference.

By the way....i really don't intend to use any agency for this application. I would much rather do it all myself so that i can understand how the whole process works.

Many Thanks