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19th Oct 2006, 12:05
Hi All, Live in uk and I Would like some flight ticket info please, I need to buy 2 tickets, return from Bangkok to London for a 6 month trip on 1st week of December 2006 for the inlaws, Can they be bought here or do they need to be purchased in Thailand, many thanks.

19th Oct 2006, 12:05
Hi All, Live in uk and I Would like some flight ticket info please, I need to buy 2 tickets, return from Bangkok to London for a 6 month trip on 1st week of December 2006 for the inlaws, Can they be bought here or do they need to be purchased in Thailand, many thanks.

19th Oct 2006, 12:30
unlike in the past (before iata changed the rules), u can buy them here, but uk travel agents generally do not have special offers for flights starting in thailand, since the volume of such business from uk-based agents is too small to make it worthwhile for airlines to offer deep-discounted fares to them. be aware that, for online bookings, some airlines require the holder of the credit card to be present at check-in.

some members have suggested www.saveflights.com (http://www.saveflights.com) as a thai travel agent that can supply cheap tickets (see the transport section). u might also try www.statravel.co.th (http://www.statravel.co.th) for flexible tickets that last for more than 90 days, since it specialises in student travel.

ian. :)

19th Oct 2006, 13:14
Thanks Ian.

Tony & Apple
20th Oct 2006, 11:29

you might want to consider these guys, you can pay over the phone and they will post the tickets to your family in thailand

if you email them they will email back with prices

flyby travel
sukhumvit soi 103/3
+662 747 4614
excellent service and fluent english speaking.

20th Oct 2006, 13:41
Thanks again A&A

20th Oct 2006, 14:43
Well, here's my recent experience.

I needed to book 2 one-way tickets Bkk - London. Its Ooy's first flight, so I wanted a direct flight. In fact even if it hadn't been, I would have wanted to arrange a direct flight!!

So I emailed BA, Qantas, Thai Air and phoned Eva Air in the UK (couldn't find a web link). These are the responses I got:

Eva Air, via phone. No, you can't book your flight in the UK, but why would you want to? Go to an agent in Bangkok, its even cheaper than using Eva direct. Score - Response to enquiry 8/10. Ease of booking 0/10. Quality of advice 10/10.

Qantas, repied to my email within 24 hours. No I couldn't book on-line for a flight from Bangkok yet. But they are looking to extend the airports/countries you will be able to do this from shortly. Told to phone the local office in London, who would make my booking. Response to enquiry 7/10. Ease of booking 5/10. Quality of advice 7/10.

BA, took over a week to get a response, by which time I had already booked elsewhere. Apologised profusely stating the recent emergency was still causing an overload of enquiries. No, I couldn't book on line. Response to enquiry 0/10. Ease of booking 5/10. Quality of advice 2/10.

Thai Air? I have never received a response to my email. A big zero all around.

So what did I do? Well the initial plan was to fly with Thai Air, but then Ooy got positive feedback on this forum about Eva Air and poor feedback about Thai.

So using the link provided in the earlier thread about this, I contaced www.saveflights.com (http://www.saveflights.com) in Bangkok by email and received an excellent service from them. Ooy was included in a lot of the email correspondence, received the e-tickets okay and subsequently spoke to Eva Air in Bangkok for advice about luggage allowances and where to find their check in etc. She has told me not to worry!!!

But next time I will use Qantas as I'm a frequent flyer with them!

I also plugged this site to saveflights and suggested they might want to sponsor this section, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

20th Oct 2006, 16:34
I too tried to book a flight for Thai in UK for BKK-LHR and told only at their office which I visited in London and they did but the price jumped up seriously as "you don't get the discount when coming here sir"? :mad:

However Dao came to UK on Thai recently with a return of 28/10/06 to check on daughter and needed to go back one week early as grandpa seriously ill so I called Thai who changed date at no charge! :)

Dao called 10 min ago saying arrived ok and was trying to find a taxi at suvarnaboom!! as taxi with sister trying to meet her had gone to another airport in BKK :lol:

motto is we stick with Thai as they seem to sort us ok but maybe we are just lucky! :cool:
colin 244

22nd Oct 2006, 12:04
Re British Airways.You can book on line, I have done it recently.THe only snag is that they will only e mail your "ticket" to a UK address.But you can either then forward it by e mail to Thailand or print it off and post it.
Just go to the first page of their site, select Thailand as your departure point and then,apart from everything is in Baht, it is just the same as booking a flight UK to BKK. Everything was just as simple as booking a UK /Thailand flight

22nd Oct 2006, 13:11
Shame Thai etc don't as I'm sure there is a market for this having been stung with a £150 increase by booking at the Thai office instead of online! :mad:
colin 244

22nd Oct 2006, 13:35
I thought I could book BA on-line as well, but I had problems with their on-line booking process, hence the email. But its no longer an airline I would use by choice. Qantas share the flights and routes and I find their service preferable.

I last flew with BA from Bkk when the Gate Gourmet dispute was going on and quite frankly, the service was a joke. If I could buy a sarnie for the flight, as I did, so can they.

To get a box on entering the plane, which had 2 dry crackers, a slice of processed cheese, a muffin(?), apple and a tiny bottle of water for a 12 hour flight was a disgrace.

It came as no surprise to me that they took a week to reply to my email.

I hope your experience is better than mine.

22nd Oct 2006, 20:48
I have bought Thai tickets originating in BKK online from Switzerland using UK credit cards without any problems on several occasions. The only additonal thing I had to do on one occasion was to fax a copy of the card to the Thai office in Zuerich as they had some issues with online authorisation.