View Full Version : Freesat HD & Thai TV on one dish £195.00

30th Mar 2009, 11:11
Get the best of British and Thai with the award winning Humax Foxsat Freesat HD

Free to view High definition from ITV and BBC

Thai TV from Thai Global network


Installation in and around Croydon, Surrey £80

This unit can also be motorised at a supplement of £ £110

Or we can deliver next working day for £10

http://www.spectrum-skytv.co.u...Humax-Foxsat-HD.html (http://www.spectrum-skytv.co.uk/p451443/FREESAT-Humax-Foxsat-HD.html)

We also have the amazing Humax Foxsat HDR twin HD recorder please call or email for a quote

Or we can offer a Technomate TM5200 PVR ready for Thai TV fitted in our service area for £170

ian h
31st Mar 2009, 09:43
We have a Sky dish & live in Norfolk. What would the cost be to receive Thai TV ?


N Barton
3rd Apr 2009, 07:45
Hello, we currently have a sky dish and also a slightly larger dish which is used to pick up Thai Global Network. Which dish would this receiver need to be connected to, can we get rid of one of our dishes ????

6th Apr 2009, 01:38
Hi N Barton,

Your Sky dish will be pointing at 28°E and your larger one at 13°E. You could get rid of your Sky dish, however you'll need a twin LNB on your other dish, one pointing at each satellite. Click Here (http://thailand-uk.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/47010002/m/6451098781?r=6451098781#6451098781) to see our set-up and you'll get a better idea.

N Barton
6th Apr 2009, 03:19
Thanks for that Cliff.

However i, like you on the linked thread, am quite a novice at satellite equipment and whereas this might sound totally stupid to everyone else i honestly dont know the answer.

The dish which picks up TGN obviously will not pick up the Freesat Channels (or will it) so therefore my choices are:-

1 - If infact the 13 East Dish does pick up Freesat then thats the obvious choice, i only use the Sky dish to pick up the terrestrial Channels as the area i live in is in a dip and cant get a good reception from an arial.

2 - Change to a multi LNB dish

3 - keep both dishes but get rid of my Receivers/Decoders whatever they are called and replace with the Freemax as advertised. However does this have the capability to take input from 2 dishes.

4 - Leave the bloody thing as it is and dont get the benefit of my HD TV.

Head hurts !!!

N Barton
6th Apr 2009, 03:26

I could actually read up about things before asking bloody stupid questions.
Didn't realise that HD Channels were free anyway, 'FREE'sat may be a bit of a giveaway like, and that i can actually buy a receiver from just about anywhere. If the above has capability to take input from both my dishes then i see a benefit, if not then i am off to ASDA !!!