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9th Aug 2007, 10:42
Just noticed that my Nike trainers have a made in Thailand label.I don't suppose for one minute that the person that made them got anywhere near a decent percentage of what I paid for them in their wage. :mad:

9th Aug 2007, 10:42
Just noticed that my Nike trainers have a made in Thailand label.I don't suppose for one minute that the person that made them got anywhere near a decent percentage of what I paid for them in their wage. :mad:

9th Aug 2007, 12:36
No, but they probably got a fair wage in Thailand in line with their cost of living.

10th Aug 2007, 02:32
most nike comes from Thailand and Philipines if you dont like what they pay people then don't buy the goods then you wont be adding to there mass profits.

Black Gull
10th Aug 2007, 14:31
I work for garment before, now you may have Nike work in Vietnam... :D because now make in Thailand is hight labour cost... even better quality...
If you don't like make in Thailand... you can find other brand make in east europe. or down to Africa.
Just little idea... that make in Thailand is upper grad still. Please enjoy with it.

10th Aug 2007, 15:30
One point of view (http://business.nmsu.edu/%7Edboje/nike/thailand.html) of Nike in LOS.


10th Aug 2007, 17:39
Similar situation in a Company here in the UK. A meeting was called where a new laptop bag design was discussed and decided upon. Quality was an important issue, going into production the places talked about immediately commenced with Asian countries. The UK was NOT mentioned by a single person, my personal reason for discreditting all thoughts of here immediately passed through my mind as "no, too expensive here". My recommendation was Thailand, where the people doing the work would have got a good wage just on the fact of knowing the "typical" wages. India was eventually choosen.

Now, my thought go the BIG losers are UK manufacturers, the losers were the Thai and other Asian countries, the WINNERS will be an Indian based company. No thoughts went through my mind that the choice was made because they could be exploited, rather, they offered the best value for money for quality based on their standard economic factors.

After reading the negative thoughts of others here, I have now thought, on the negative side, maybe I should worry that the employees cheese dippers, penny chews and school reports will be found in one of the compartments of the rucksack!

10th Aug 2007, 17:49
P.S. Aom at one stage worked making shoes, if she had got what would have been a decent "UK" wage then most people in Thailand would be barefoot or the country would be too expensive for us to visit! She did get a decent Thai wage though.

10th Aug 2007, 21:35
Originally posted by packpao:
One point of view (http://business.nmsu.edu/%7Edboje/nike/thailand.html) of Nike in LOS.

Virtually everything I could see there was dated 2000 or 2001, I'd be interested in more recent reports because, as Black Gull pointed out, Thailand has established a very good reputation for quality, but, inevitably as the economy develops, at a price which makes them far less cost effective than Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

Remember that Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc do not own any factories in these countries, they have no real investment there, so it is very easy for them to just take their work to whoever offers the best price-quality combination. I think Nike had an expat staff of 2 or 3 based in a Bangkok office when I had dealings with them.

However, I did visit factories in Isaan which were sponsored by Nike, set up through the excellent work of Khun Mechai (Cabbages & Condoms) Viravaidya as part of his rural development programme (in Buriram province, Fish). Rather than the noisy, unhealthy kind of sweatshops that might be found in the cities, these were basically built in the middle of rice paddies, open-sided, cool, quiet, the workers mainly travelling on bikes or in pickups from their own villages where they were able to stay and live with their families but still earn a decent wage. There are payoffs for the multinationals too, clearly, lower rents, lower minimum wages etc mean higher profits. Some would call this exploitation but I wouldn't.

If I was Fish, I would be more concerned with how much of the price I just paid was ending up in the well-stuffed pockets of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Rio Ferdinand et al.

Black Gull
11th Aug 2007, 02:16
Some of my friends whos works for Adidas, Next, Nike, Gap, JC Penny and others... they are now have to travel to Vietnam to inspection garments. If they don't want to do, they have to find other jobs. Because now in Vietnam is very low cost price for product.
I was work for company that was have most products in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladetch. In year 2001 the company move 75% of Products to Vietnam...that was made me move myself to Vietnam as well. And in Thailand just have some left for good brand and must good quality.

In Vietnam have not just low cost of labour, they also free quota... that also important. Because just pay for Quota also hight cost....

I still remember some of head in my company said... Why have to pay Kob? We pay her just one, but we can pay local staff for more than 5 !!!! :shrug: That's why I have to train new staff to replace me, and I move myself back to Thailand. The last news I know that... after I went no one can do like I did... and now They will close office in Hochimint City, and keep only Hanoi... where the place that Office manager still Thai.... :banana: :clap: :clap:

ei ei ei still proud with Thai product and Thai quality. I have some cloth from Next that make in Thailand, and I know my freind was inspection it :thumb:
and M&S that make in Thailand that I know which factory was sewing them... :clap: