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andy muay thai
12th Dec 2006, 07:00
me and the wife go to los on the 7th jan to hand in the sv visa, any members going back on that date, i will be using qatar airways from gatwick 10 am, has anyone got any reviews of qatar, never used them before, andy n sa

12th Dec 2006, 07:04
has anyone got any reviews of qatar, never used them before, andy n sa

Qatar are a 5 star Airline . I have used them on loads of occassions, they are about as good as you can get, reasonable food, great entertainment on the little TV,s in the back of the seats, plenty of drinks if you want.
A great experience all round.

Oh and Good Luck with the visa :thumb:

12th Dec 2006, 07:29
I have used them twice now both times were excellent, food good service excellent.
Good luck with the visa

Paul tee nung
12th Dec 2006, 07:52
I flew with them from heathrow to Qatar it was an excellent flight plenty of leg room, monitor in head rest in the seat in front brilliant. Qatar to Bangkok what a joke, seats to cramped together i thought we were going to have to spray the crops on the way.

12th Dec 2006, 09:08
Flew with them in June, one hour delay at Gatwick, missed connection at Doha, put us on plane to Hong kong arrived Bangkok 24 hours later, good food and flight, will be nice when Doha airport finished as it was very crowded, return trip 12 hours, liked the airline but will never book again with one hour between connections.

12th Dec 2006, 11:53
I have flown them 4 times now have always ended up with an entire row to myself but other than that the food is good the planes brand new and excellent service

13th Dec 2006, 16:25
Well I used to think they were good as I had flown only Biz class with them before, however last time off I flew economy with them back to Thailand.

I ended up missing my connection in Doha because some **** wit local sitting in 1st class didn't want to get on the transfer bus with his wifes as other passengers were on the bus, so we had to wait for this stupid limo to turn up. This took 20 or 30mins, by which time I had missed my connecting flight as the plane was already late.

The aircraft are good, way better than Thai, service is good all, expat staff, inflight entertainment was below average, Emirates and Etihad much better.

Ground service in Doha is a a god damm mess, airport too small for ammount of passengers. Lastly Qatar is a dump, it is not a Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it's the local's mind set, it is still stuck in the middle ages. I ended up staying 8 hours in a Hotel with no alcohol when I missed my connections.

Up to you, but don't have a connection time of less than an hour.

5 star airline - i don't think so ! Comments from many passengers show the main problem with this airline are missing connections in Doha - You have been warned !


14th Dec 2006, 04:53
These and other problems posted before about other airlines confirm why I only travel direct to destination without stopovers(99% of the time TG) even if more expensive!

motto - The sooner I get to LOS the better :) (return trips not quite the same though :()
colin 244