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25th Nov 2008, 07:25

As a sponsor does a girlfriend applying for a VV have to have much money in her bank in Thailand? I'd have thought she would need a fair amount as security to show she would not be left stranded in the UK if something terrible happened?
What sort of money does a sponsor need in a bank account or is a regular wage packet and prove of incoming/outgoings enough?

25th Nov 2008, 10:17
as a sponsor i believe you have to provide your recent 6 month salary slips as well as 6 months bank statements,
you ned to check the home office website for a full list of requirements

25th Nov 2008, 10:59
Or check on here under VV. :D

25th Nov 2008, 13:38
As said above do a search, we got visa without massive amount of funds in gf's account as remember it is a sponsor letter, so you will be paying for everything and so they are interested in your account and not your girlfriends

26th Nov 2008, 04:24
There is no SET amount of funds needed, and according to the Embassy even if you are on public funds does not meen you could not get a V/V.

Just as long as you dont need to claim extra public funds,to support her.

In other words someone could be on public funds but have enough funds to pay all expenses,and keep girlfriend.

Although i think it would not be a good idea to try for a V/V under those circumstances.

27th Nov 2008, 04:55
Thanks for the reply. I want to try for a VV for June for no more then 4 months then travel back together for a holiday in Thailand. Bank funds may be a little down here as I'm buying a house but I have good records and plenty of wage slips.
When i first scanned the messages I got quite despondent but things are looking better now. I just don't know how the girlfriend will feel if a VV is refused.

27th Nov 2008, 06:36
I would,nt worry, when I brought our lass over for the first time I had an overdrawn accout.
As long as your working and have an income and a few savings you will be fine.

27th Nov 2008, 12:14
I agree as long as you have some disposable income each month you should be fine, remember its your account they are intrested in and not your gf's

Noi & Nick
29th Nov 2008, 01:54
Originally posted by Scally:
remember its your account they are intrested in and not your gf's Not quite.

If the visitor is funding the visit themselves, then it is the visitor's available funds that matter.

If the sponsor is funding the visit, then it's the sponsor's.

If visitor and sponsor are jointly funding, then it is both.