View Full Version : Thai Airways scam

29th Sep 2006, 04:02
I had read of the recent practice of shops etc to convert your purchases in LOS into GBP for credit card transactions, and at a highly advantageous rate (for them not you)
It just happened to me with Thai Airways
Called into their Pattaya office to change my return flight and pay the £100 fee for the privilege.
They converted this into TB7050 but the credit card transaction slip showed that Thai had back-converted the baht into GBP at at rate that brought the amount to be debited to £103.50.
A rather nice little earner, close to 4% pure profit.
I complained and the lady very rapidly agreed to scrap the first transaction and instead debit the TB amount of 7050. Subsequently Nationwide Visa card has charged me £99.50
One to watch out for.

29th Sep 2006, 12:54
I've changed a return Thai ticket back to the UK many a time and never even had to pay £100 for the privilege. The last one I did was in August on a Q type economy ticket.

29th Sep 2006, 13:20
I think it depends on your class of ticket...Q is £50...tickets that are discounted have higher fees to change the date...Infact my mate paid £100 to change a date on Thai last time he was in LOS.