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9th Dec 2007, 06:04
Maybe you all know about this forum for pilots and other airline professionals, but it is new to me.
You can find it by putting pprune into google search.
Quite a number of the pprune threads have public access, but not all. If you nose through the various pages of threads you find some scary stuff.
There is a "Rumours and News" forum, interesting threads on the Phuket crash, Thai 744 skin corrosion, etc
Many people just dont want to know this stuff, just get aboard, down a few drinks and 100% confidence. Personally I do like to have information; but generally it wont stop me flying (few drinks etc.)
Like the airline that crashed at Phuket. The clips include pilots stating they would never let their families fly this airline; whilst statistically an airline that has just had a crash is likely to be the safest to fly since catastrophies dont come in pairs.
Jolly christmas to all!!

9th Dec 2007, 06:24
I agree its a good site and very informative. Some of the stuff about the Phuket crash, whatever the truth that will only be known in due course, was illuminating. No small low-cost indpendent asian airlines for me!

You have to register after a while, even for the public stuff.

9th Dec 2007, 11:41
pprune Website (http://www.pprune.org/forums/index.php?s=bf87a3211d1e7da4e563b68b0ee46e79)