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andy muay thai
1st Jan 2009, 23:42
we are attending UKBA solihull to apply for Sa's ILR at 1015. Wish us luck, and thanks again for all the expert advice from many members of this site, Andy & Sa

2nd Jan 2009, 01:48
Andy, hopefully it went well! But the cost ..... £950 .... ouch! (When we attended at the PEO in Solihull in 2002 for ILR the cost was £0! Back in the "good old days"!)

2nd Jan 2009, 01:48
I don't think you'll need any luck Andy but I'll wish it anyway :)

2nd Jan 2009, 01:54
Good luck Andy and Sa :thumb:

We will submitting Fon's ILR application by post in the next couple of days. It only seems like yesterday when we were at the VFS in Bangkok handing in Fon and Sa's SV folders together!

Best wishes and Happy New Year

Nick and Fon

andy muay thai
2nd Jan 2009, 08:19
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, all the documents and folder, perfect, however the EDEXCEL certificate, stated sa had passed entry level 2 at listerning and speaking, writing and reading. which was completed in July 2008.( in small print" not yet qualified in the above award). I called the college ages ago, and they said it is the correct certificate. The college have provided the correct letter stating the certificate was correct and she has progressed by 1 level ( confirmed by UKBA as the correct letter, and very happy with that) but stated we should have 3 individaul ESOL certficates for each subject, They tried to call college and edexcel BUT THEY ARE CLOSED TIL MONDAY, so i have to chase up the college my self and UKBA stated I CAN post the application now, every thing else was ok. and when the case worker gets the postal application form, they can complete the relevant enquiry. i am very upset this wasnt sorted today as we are due to move house in 10 days, which will confuse the postal application. I have the certifcate and letter saved if any one wants me to send them it to advise further, send me your email,

2nd Jan 2009, 10:14
Andy, annoying! But the certificate, does it say anything about Citizenship? It needs to be a completion certificate from a combined ESOL/Citizenship course.

Did you get as far as paying the £950, or was the "problem" spotted before you got that far?

When does your wife's current visa actually expire?

andy muay thai
2nd Jan 2009, 10:30
never had to pay, the certificate completes the ESOL skills for life, its the offical college letter that confirms the skills for life was delivered with citizenship content, that was ok, it was a line on the certificate that confused them, and they couldnt ring up to confirm, do you want me to email it too you - visa expires on the 21st, the man stated we can send it off in the post, but ill wait til i speak with the college, to make sure thay can confirm, etc

the man was new, as he kept asking questions, the certificate does state its a pass certificate??????

andy muay thai
2nd Jan 2009, 21:50
can memebers please reply and give me there comments, etc or previous EDEXCEL certificate examples andy

3rd Jan 2009, 00:08
Hi Andy,
I posted some examples a while back;can,t remember when but i posted my wifes certificates and college letter.
Search forum posts by galahad..i,m sure it,ll be there somewhere relating to ILR etc.
If you can,t find them let me know and i,ll re post them.

Edit;look under 'how long,how much if she can,t read/write English (24th May 2007)

3rd Jan 2009, 01:49
i am very upset this wasnt sorted today as we are due to move house in 10 days, which will confuse the postal application.

visa expires on the 21st

Suggest, if you are going to make a postal application, wait until after the move. UKBA do not have a good reputation for changing their records on a change of address.

3rd Jan 2009, 07:40
Are you able to post a copy of the certificate in question (with the personal details obscured)?

andy muay thai
3rd Jan 2009, 10:03
there too big files can i email you tobias or john please, pm your email

4th Jan 2009, 04:14
Just on the subject of ESOL, my wife is currently doing level 3 ESOL "Skills for Life" City & Guilds. Is this the same as some people state "ESOL/Citizenship"? How different are the rules for N.Ireland?

The other thing is that because her English was reasonable she skipped Level 1 after an assessment by the teacher. Could this cause a problem? She does have the certificates for Level 2 already and they state:-

"Entry Level Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 2)"

Speaking and Listening Entry 2
Writing Entry 2
Reading Entry 2.

All shown as "Pass".
I hope she is on the right course and any advice will be appreciated.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 05:20
my sa is currently doing level 2 in writing and level 3 in the other 2, as long as it is in citizenship content, which the course should be all about, the letter from the college will confirm this. spook. have you got the 3 seperate certificates, i think thats what we need, and thats been the confusion

4th Jan 2009, 05:43
Andy, just read the letter from the college and there is no problem with that whatsoever.

It appears the problem is with the certificate and the reference to 'not yet qualified'; it was that document I was expecting to receive.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 05:55
i will sepak with the college first thing i think we need 3 seperate certificates to confirm she has passed each subject and progressed on to the next level, I asked the college in oct when I got the certificate and that stated it didnt matter, however it did, and the man at UKBA couldnt call anyone on friday to confirm, she has clearly passed a level in ESOL with Citizenship content, as the college letter, states, however not level 2 in all subjects, i think there is 1 general level 2 certificate that covers all subjects, when I think we will need 3 seperate, is that right, or has she satisfied the requirement, which I think so and so do the college

However the man at UKBA said she can send the application off now, and someone later on can confirm, which should be ok, how annoying at the time

4th Jan 2009, 06:07
My Mrs. has 1 certificate (blue) which makes reference to being successful on all 3 counts as follows:-

Speaking and Listening Entry 2
Writing Entry 2
Reading Entry 2

She then has another, which is a different colour (red) which only states:-

Entry Level Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 2)

is awarded to:-

My guess is, and correct me if I'm wrong, that they get one cert. for the 3 tests (speak, write and read) and then another to show that each "Entry 1, 2 or 3" has been attained completely.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 06:15
However sa was assessed in E1 for writing and E2 in the other 2, she did an exam and passed, she is now on a course e2 for writing and E3 for the other 2. the college letter states she has progressed from E1 to E2. so technicaly she hasnt obtained the full qualification for E2, however she has progress and passed 1 level on each subject, which the certificate of performance states and so does the college letter???

4th Jan 2009, 06:30
My Mrs. says that the college told her she needed Entry Level 3 for all; "Speaking & Listening", "Writing" and "Reading", before she could apply for ILR and then Citizenship, at a later date.

If your Mrs. only has Entry Level 1 for one of the subjects then maybe this is what they are questioning?

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 06:33
definatley not, you have to take the approved ESOL course delivered with citizenship content and have to progress by one level.
They queried the part stating " not yet qualified for the full E2 award. but the certificae stated pass certificate for all 3 subjects, the bloke was new and a idiot, and only just spoke english himself!!!!!

have you got a email and ill send you a copy
from UKBA website
Knowledge of language and life in the United Kingdom for non-English speakers
If you do not have English skills at ESOL Entry 3 or above, you need to take an ESOL course to demonstrate your knowledge of language and life in the United Kingdom.

You must take a course which includes citizenship materials. The course will allow you to gain sufficient knowledge of the United Kingdom at the same time as developing your knowledge of the English language. Before you apply for permanent residence, you will need to show that you have moved up from one ESOL level to the next. You will need to provide evidence of this as part of your application. Knowledge of language and life in the United Kingdom for English speakers. If your English skills are higher than ESOL Entry 3, you will need to pass the Life in the UK test before you submit your application for permanent residence

4th Jan 2009, 06:43
You're right!

My Mrs. was graded to start at Entry 2 and then gain Entry 3 which was stated as being enough for the future application.

I guess all you need is clarification, from the college, that Sa has gained all 3 modules moving up from level 1 to level 2 and then you up and running.

Good luck!

4th Jan 2009, 06:52

I sent PM with my E-mail address.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 06:54
cheers wha a nightmare, we are moving next week, and been hospital all night, sa fainted at home with low blood presure and split open her chin, requiring 11 stitches, her visa runs out 21st, worst case is that we apply and it aint good enough, we get an extension, or sa goes to the test centre for the main Life in the uk test, which she has passed on the mock exams, but i think the college is correct, but maybe need a better letter of clarification

4th Jan 2009, 07:37
Andy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the letter you have.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 07:41
cheers tobias, what aout the certificate of notifacation, did you read that

4th Jan 2009, 07:48
I've not seen the certificate Andy.

andy muay thai
4th Jan 2009, 08:24
ive just sent the only certificate ive had, the notice of performance???

4th Jan 2009, 12:11
No email received Andy.

4th Jan 2009, 14:07

As I've seen all your documents it seems you will have to wait for the "Official Certificate" to clear up what Sa has qualified for. The document you have is only the "Notice of Performance" which disclaims "Full Qualification" and I believe that's why they have questioned it's validity. The official certificate from the "Examining Board" will clear that up.

The other point you need to consider is whether Sa has passed a sufficient number of Modules. My Mrs. started at Entry 2 in October 2007 and has been told that she needs to pass both Entry 2 & 3 to be suitable for ILR/Citizenship. She has passed Entry 2, July '08, in all 3 modules and is now studying Entry 3 and if she passes that then this equates to 6 passes, 2 for each module. This would be the same if an applicant started at Entry 1, passed it and then also passed Entry 2; 6 passes in 3 modules.

Correct me if I'm wrong?

andy muay thai
5th Jan 2009, 02:50
All sorted, just spoke with the leicesterhsire ESOL manager, and she has confirmed the certificate was correct, she has been on to the home office about this and has personal contact with a manager there, the reason" not yet qualified" means she is continually learning until when ever, if they claimed the indvidual pass certificates then the course will closed, and have to re register and pay again, this way it carries on, ive emailed the 2 letters recieved from college, to you spook and tobias

5th Jan 2009, 12:04
Hi Andy - I hope Sa is ok!

Wow reading your thread was like watching an episode of Eastenders or something, at least you gonna save £200 by doing it by post.

When Mink went for her assessment a the local college the woman told me that she wouldn't be able to issue a certificate nor letter confirming she had improved from a certain level until she had been studying for 3 years. When i mentioned that the visa is only two years her response was that we would have to ask teh government for an extension. It's ok though as this woman HAS been teaching citizenship for 25 years and knows everything. Good job Mink decided to do the test instead

Don't forget to email me your new address once you move

5th Jan 2009, 12:51
Andy, just read the docs in your email - no problem. KoL requirements met in full. :thumb:

andy muay thai
5th Jan 2009, 14:44
thanks tobias, got there in the end, just wish the college was open last friday, so they could have confirmed it over the phone. I have also spoke with tudor regarding the domestic violence case, and now they can sort there freind out now in the right direction with the right people