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27th Apr 2009, 11:20
hi all i need info please
my wife dao hase been in the uk since 2003 has ind leave to stay but gov have moved goal post so she had to take the uk test for passport today she passed the test
i need step by step info to get british passport for her the forms and enything else
thank you

27th Apr 2009, 11:56
well done for passing the test

27th Apr 2009, 14:04
i need step by step info to get british passport

Congrats for your wife :)

Once she has the her naturalisation certificate she can apply for a passport using the form available at any post office.

28th Apr 2009, 03:31
First off Mike she will have to get citizenship, to do this you need a couple of things, the best place to go is your local national checking service who can advise on what you need, Things like passports wedding certificate prove of address, it costs forty pounds more or less, they will check all your paper work and photo copy your passports then give them back to you, you then have to give them a cheque for I think its now 740 pounds up from 650 last year.

Once the goverment have all this and check it is ok, they will then arrange for you to have the ceremony at your local town hall, when your wife recieves her Citizenship she will also get a passport application form.

I hope this is of some help, and cograts to Dao for her pass in ESOL.

28th Apr 2009, 03:55
thank you all i will crack on with this now
you all take care and again thank you
mikedao&baby paula

28th Apr 2009, 05:34
well done...congratulations !!

28th Apr 2009, 05:38
Mike, check out this web site for more info.

www.bathnes.gov.uk/bathNES/com...ycheckingservice.htm (http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/bathNES/communityandliving/nationalitycheckingservice.htm)

28th Apr 2009, 07:07
thanks db1 where did you find that?

28th Apr 2009, 07:11
Googled it for Somerset checking service.