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10th Nov 2007, 03:50
My Wife Dao's Schengen Visa arrived this morning from the Dutch Embassy. It is valid from 16th November until 16th February next year. We are off to Amsterdam for a weekend soon, staying for 2 nights.
Now my question...We are planning a trip to Spain in December,will this Visa from the Dutch be valid for Spain ?? :help:

10th Nov 2007, 03:57
Originally posted by Greenheathen:
...will this Visa from the Dutch be valid for Spain ?? Yes.

10th Nov 2007, 04:06
Short and sweet answer, thanks Tobias :thumb:

10th Nov 2007, 05:54
Short and sweet, but perhaps not complete! Without trying to sound like a swot, your Schengen visa is valid for any of the 15 countries within the schengen zone. The only stipulation I believe, although perhaps not an absolute requirement, is that your first landing with the zone be the country from which you obtained the visa. Therefore you need to land first in Holland before venturing onwards.

My situation was that we had a UK and a schengen visa. While our first visit from the UK was to France, (we got the schengen visa from the French embassy in Bangkok) it didn't stop us from going directly from the UK to Rome on a second visit. Once you get the visa, it is relatively easy from a bureaucratic sense, to move in between the members countries.
Here is some more info about it

10th Nov 2007, 09:13
I believe the ruling is the country of which you obtain the schengen visa must be your main destination ,not necessarily your first destination .For example if you where planning on driving to Spain for a holiday, France would probably be your first destination.But as most of your time would be spent in Spain, then you would obtain a Spanish schengen visa .Although i think you would be fine either way .Schengen is schengen after all