View Full Version : child settlement visa waiting times

14th Sep 2008, 05:50
My wife flies out to Bangkok on the 7th of October to submit a settlement visa for my step daughter,we have all the documents we require apart from tb cert and biometric data.So should be able to submit fairly quickly.
On the application form i have put a date of 28.09.08 for the visa start date.Will this give them time to process the application?.She has a oneway ticket and will look to purchase return tickets when the visa is granted.Is this a realistic date to put on the application or should we change this.? advice welcome


14th Sep 2008, 09:42
My wife went to Bangkok in may this year took here daughter for TB xray on the Thursday and got the result back the same day so applied for the settlement visa on the Friday and went back to Bangkok a week later after receiving a phone call from the Embassy to go and pick here passport back up with Settlement visa granted