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3rd Dec 2008, 03:28
Hello everyone just like to say thank you so much to you all for the help and advise i have recieved from this website. You have made my life over the last two years so much easier and stress free. Today Noom collected her passport and her settlement visa. Just a few simple questions to ask. When my wife comes to England and her two years are up we apply for ILR on form SET(M) We must apply for this no sooner than 28 days before the two year visa runs out. Also am i correct in thinking that in those two years she must have passed a life in the uk test before we apply for the ILR? Also is there anything else i should know about that i might have missed? Once again thank you all so much for all you time and help.


3rd Dec 2008, 06:59
For ILR (CUURENTLY) either passed the Life in the UK test or progressed up a level in a proper Combined ESOL/Citizenship course and received a letter from the college/education authority to state this, loads of information on this in other posts. If these requirements are met (or change) then FLR can be applied for.

Worthwhile having a look at the SET(M) and what is necessary to see what information you may require in 2 years time.

Worthwhile getting all important Thai documents and Marriage certificate translated in Thailand and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (multiple copies of very important documents are useful in case of coffee spillages :rolleyes:) I would also get the Tabien Bahn (House Book) copied and translated, handy for parents details that are needed for Citizenship and also to get the consistent spelling of first and surnames from Thai to English.

Register with the Council Tax, Doctors and obtain National Insurance Card...

Loads of other things, but most important is to relax and enjoy your lives together, Congratulations :thumb:

3rd Dec 2008, 09:37
Looking now at the Form SET (M) is a very good tip. You have to start preparing now to be ready in two years time to apply for ILR. Especially important is to get those documents to prove you have been living together as man and wife. When we applied for ILR you needed six letters adressed to you both, showing your home address, and from a variety of sources and spread evenly over the two years upto ILR. Looking at other posts it does seem the CEO sometimes asks for additional documents over and above the six stipulated, so better to have more.

One other tip: Check for changes to the Form SET(M). To my knowledge the form has changed three times this year alone and you must use the current form when you apply.

Best wishes,

Paul and Yon

Robert 5000
3rd Dec 2008, 15:39
I trust you know your wife needs to travel to UK within 28 days of Visa issue date to avoid having to pay for a visa extention