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Casey Jones
15th Nov 2006, 05:25
Picked this up last week at the new airport. Thought if might be of interest/help to other members.





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15th Nov 2006, 08:14
That last picture is not to scale the buildings are a bit bigger than that ;)

One note for the smokers departing on EVA (or any other airlines) from gates E (having done it a week and a half ago) there is no smoking rooms to be found once you pass through the final security check (thought there would be so did not check if there are any before...doh) and once through, you have no toilets available until they let you from the upper walkway waiting area down to the gate waiting area.

Some documents I had been reading out in Thailand (Hau Hin guide) said that the departure tax is 700 thb but we still paid 500 thb.

Casey Jones
15th Nov 2006, 08:50
The departure tax as of last Friday was 500 baht. I have heard that it will increase to 700 baht & that this will be added to the price of your ticket on purchase.

15th Nov 2006, 14:40

Good info for those of us afflicted but presumeably there are smoking areas in the departure longe? (I have not had the pleasure of new Airport yet!)

Thanks colin 244

16th Nov 2006, 02:21
Hi colin 244.

On the way in there were smoking rooms within a couple of minutes walk (came in on QF and cant recall the gate).
I thought (incorrectly) like the old airport there would be a fumigation room close to the gate so did not look for one in the departure/shopping area maybe someone else knows?

I can tell you its a fair old way to gates E, would not like to be late and have to run, not till after I give up the smokes anyway.

Mark W
16th Nov 2006, 02:26
At least it's not the same as Birmingham airport then. Birmingham is totally no smoking now. :cry:

Andy R
16th Nov 2006, 02:58
Good job I don't smoke! ;) :D

16th Nov 2006, 04:32
I only smoke when I'm on fire! :lol:

How does the new airport compare with the one in Singapore?

16th Nov 2006, 04:37
How does the new airport compare with the one in Singapore?

Pretty similar actually. Planes landing and taking off, passengers coming and going etc etc :angel:

16th Nov 2006, 05:44
departing airport go throught passport control in lounge turn left keep walking towards gates and on floor above i think :confused:as i was up and down the stairs trying to find it, u should see sign for smoking rooms 2 oposite each other and both doors wide open as usual
cheers andy

Casey Jones
16th Nov 2006, 05:57
To be honest Cliff my impressions of the new airport are not overly impressive, especially compared to Singapore but in all fairness it is still early days.

16th Nov 2006, 07:21
How does the new airport compare with the one in Singapore?

It doesn't come close, but as Casey wrote, it clearly has been opened before it is ready. Until the time from landing the plane to arriving in my apartment/house, (with my luggage), is 25 minutes as it is in Singapore, then Changi will win every time. I also have an affection for the Singapore air announcement on landing, "to all Singapore residents, a warm welcome home".
I think Bangkok should also consider replacing that trolley unfriendly dimpled steel flooring, it makes a hell of racket.

As an aside, transiting in Heathrow, Terminal 3, I couldn't help but notice how much improved it appeared to be.