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1st May 2008, 06:18
Can anyone enlighten me to he actual cost of ready mixed concrete for an access road. Per m3 would be good although I think the Thais don't use m3 measurements.


Neil & Mook
1st May 2008, 08:49
That depends on the strength and the supplier. I enquired last year but ran out of time to get it done. I was quoted about 1400 or 1450 baht per cubic metre for 10m. make sure you put some damp hessian on it as it dries very quick and will crack on a hot day. On small loads you might be looking at Bt2200 to 2400, ask for additive(to stop it drying out too fast), ask for clean water not slurry.Put a re-inforced mesh into the base before you pour (added strenth). Expect them to turn up anytime of the day, 5am to 6pm unannounced if it is a small split load. i think it was called Siam Cement Co Ltd. Set our levels and shuttering prior to delivery , Get some help (as its messy work), floats,long piece if timber (for tapping it down)shovels wellies, beer for afters :cool:

Dave and Tia
1st May 2008, 10:08
Last Christmas time cost about 1600 baht a cubic metre from CPAC.
Depends on type of concrete and how far to deliver.
Had a brochure a few days ago but chucked it away.
Prices are going up quite quickly.
50kg bag of cement increased from 115 baht two weeks ago to 117 last week and now 119 baht.
They do use cubic metres for concrete.

Dave and Tia
29th May 2008, 00:31
Latest price from CPAC is 1780per cubic metre,delivered within a 15km radius of cement works,about 50 baht per cube extra if further away.
Last year paid cash when ordering the stuff.This time,had to pay at 7-11.